Lung Scaring from Asthma?

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    I currently have pneumonia (again), most likely from being on Humira for 4 months. Stopped the Humira 3 weeks ago and now can hardly move. Went to doctor, they took x-ray and he asked if I had had lots of bronchitis and asthma attacks. I said no, not in a long time. He said that my lungs seemed to have lots of scaring. He would have the radiologist double check and call if I needed any more testing. Has anyone every heard of this?

    Kinda freaking out about all the problems I have been having lately. Bad RA flare started in December. Found out that my liver was not working well, so only meds okay to take for RA was ENBREL. Worked great for 4 months, then one day stopped working. Since then I have had atrial fibrillation, 2 trips to the ER, asthma problems, pneumonia, fibroid and bleeding problems that require a D&C that I cannot have in the near future due to the atrial fib and the pneumonia. Then when I do get clearance for it, I have to be off Humira for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks I get to suffer even more. I have also had bad blood results for cortisol (very low) and very high progesterone levels (I am not pregnant) and my red blood cells are "sticky" and my white cells are way too high, but Rheumatologist says that is due to the active RA Flare.

    Just wondered if anyone else feels that something is going on in their bodies and no one seems to be able to put all the pieces together. Now I am taking something like 14 different medications and 3-4 supplements...unreal.

    Thanks for listening.