Lungs and FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sansofpa, May 27, 2012.

  1. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member


    I read the posts about some of you having breathing issues.
    Shortly before I was diagnosed, I had a chest xray because I
    had severe pain from my groin to my throat, in the front of my

    The xray showed hyperinflated lungs and the radiologist's comments
    indicated something like, underlying COPD/Emphasema.

    But, a few months before this xray I had one of my chest and it
    was clear. It was ordered by my FP because I had wheezing upon
    examination at an office visit. It's hard to believe that within a few
    months I was given that diagnosis; again, this is prior to my FMS
    diagnosis, so I'm wondering if FMS could be a reason for hyperinflated
    lungs and not COPD as suggested.

    I've never had any symptoms of COPD and still don't, but when I lay
    down I breathe heavy (not frequently). When I had a spine MRI I was
    breathing so heavy and thought the MRI would be blurry, but it

    A few times when I laid down in bed I was breathing heavy. I don't know
    if it's from climbing the stairs or from FMS or COPD. But, I didn't climb
    any stairs before my MRI when my heavy breathing was really bad, and
    I took a Valium before it. I've had at least 10 tests since March where I
    had to lay still for MRI's, Bone Scans, CT Scans, and xrays, so I have
    no mental or nervous issues relating to these tests. I'm actually a very
    good patient when it comes to testing.

    Has anyone else had a negative chest xray?


  2. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    LOL . . I'll Google that one :)
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Inflammation of the cartilige between ribs. Feels like someone has hit you in the ribs with a baseball bat! Sometimes breathing is hard-painful.

    again very common with Fibro/CFs. altho I didnt get from your describsation(sp brainfog day) that it sounded like it.

    take care
  4. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    You gals are so smart. I want to grow up to be just like you..LOL

    The rib thing you mention . . at one of my doctor appointments last week
    when he was poking and prodding, I pointed to an area next to my heart that
    really hurt a lot. He said, "that's your rib" . . and he put his finger and thumb in the area and pushed . . I darn near fell off the table.

    So what you're saying, in addition to nerves and muscles, our cartilages hurt, too? Geez . .

    Thanks and you take care, too,
  5. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Hi Sans,

    It is VERY common for pictures from X-rays, Catscan's and MRI's to get mixed up.

    Last year I went to hospital for my yearly Catscan (watching for lymphoma). My doctor called me the next day and wanted to talk to me about the metal things in my chest which could not be identified. Also she didn't know I had a metal something or another in a bone.

    Well, they sent me to have another MRI at a different place since I was in the process of driving back up north. I got the 2nd MRI and they found no metal anything in me!

    The doctor called and said they must have mixed up my films with someone else's. She said it happens more often than we would like to know.

    So when in doubt, get a second test and watch who the films are passed off to.
  6. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Yes, I worked in a hospital for 19 years and the corporate office
    for 6 years . . need I say more.

    I'm wondering too about my whole body bone scan. It was ordered
    because a lesion/bright spot at T-12 showed up on my MRI and
    the Radiologist/MD who read it said I'd need a Thorasic CT Scan
    and a whole body bone scan. The doctor wanted the bone scan
    first. It showed nothing . . and no comments from the reader.
    I questioned my doctor because I want to know why I have a
    lesion and he keeps telling me my bones are osteopeanic(sp) and
    arthritic. If my bones are so bad, why wouldn't a nuclear bone scan
    show it? He said he would call the radiologist. I said I wanted it
    re-read and a CT Scan done. He said he believes the guy who
    read it didn't make a mistake because that's all he does. I asked
    my doctor to look at the scans/films/MRI's on a disk, but he won't
    because he said the Radiologists get paid to do that, and all he's
    concerned about is their interpretation.

    I will keep bringing this up with him. I showed the Neuro last
    week - the reports - and he said no need to look further. I didn't
    say anything to him. I'm so tired of getting no answers.

    Once again thanks for your wisdom,
  7. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I believe I'm going to ask for the report and the disk, and
    discuss it with one of my 72 doctors in an attempt to get
    another opinion or another xray, unless, the Rheumatologist
    I see next month has a different take on the results; perhaps
    he'll be able to tell me if hyperinflated lungs are always considered
    to be COPD, or if FMS or something else can cause that.


  8. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member


    I'm going to find MicheleK's message, now. I could get lost, but don't
    worry . . I always find my way back.

    You're not confusing me, this FMS thing is . . . LOL

    Take care,
  9. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hello outofstep,

    I saw a Cardiologist when I was wheezing and he didn't say
    anything. I never had wheezing before and I didn't even
    know I was wheezing. That's when my FP doc sent me for
    the first chest xray that was negative.

    What is an asthma evaluation? I had allergy tests in 2009, but
    it only showed that I'm allergic to dogs and cats, which I never

    So, you have hyperinflated lungs but the radiology report did
    not say COPD? Interesting . .

    Thank you so much. I need to keep on top of this one.

  10. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member


    The radiologist's written report said "hyperinflated lungs consistent with COPD".

    I don't even think I have asthma . . wouldn't I know that? I can breathe just
    fine. My only issue has been on a few occassions I had heavy breathing when
    I laid down. Since I wrote about that episode, it hasn't happened.

    I'll be more in tune with my breathing and follow up at every appointment.
    I really want to ask my FP doc if there was any reason to cite COPD and
    not another issue causing the hpyerinflation. I'm trying to find out from
    others who had an xray showing hyperinflation what they were acutally
    diagnosed with . . I was never even told to see anyone about COPD.

    I hope I get answers to a gazzilion things right now . . LOL

    Take care and thanks for the info!
  11. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    I have some sort of irritated airways where allergies make me get short of breath and/or coughing (mucus in small airways - can't bring it up). Almost every x-ray said I have hyperinflated lungs (part of asthma, even though mine isn't true asthma). And yes, radiologist always mark COPD, but several pulminologist have said it is not COPD and Radiologists just love to mark it down.

    It's like the radiologist do not want to underestimate anything in the fear they will get sued.

  12. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    That's very interesting.

    Because I still am not convinced, I'm going to ask how long I need to
    wait for a repeat chest x-ray.

    They were from different hospitals and that bothers me. I guess the latter
    needed a few brownie points and indicated COPD.

    I need my Vitamin D bloodwork next week to see if the supplements brought
    it up. If they didn't, I still can't have the bone density scan.

    When I pick up my lab order, I'll ask the doc about another chest x-ray and also why it's being disregarded. I'm sure because I have no symptoms such as coughing or wheezing, it's not a big deal to him.

    It still seems so odd to me . . all the docs I'm seeing and not one of them
    ever brought COPD up as something to look into or even discuss.

    Anyway . . I like your response . . thank you!

  13. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member


    I believe you. If I press inbetween my ribs it really hurts.
    I didn't realize it until I told my doctor I had pain and he poked me.
    I poked around myself and that rib spot isn't the only one that hurts.

    I cannot imagine the pain you went through and hope it didn't trigger
    a long term painful episode for you.

    Thanks for the confirmation.


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