Lupus/Mixed Connective Tissue/DHEA/Melatonin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karalvd, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. karalvd

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    This is a question for those who have lupus or mixed connective tissue disease...

    I have been searching for answers for this horrible disease, I know one exists. I came across DHEA research being done specifically for the treatment of lupus. This would be great if it does help, since I know that remedies of this sort aren't regulated, you have to be sure that the OTC stuff doesn't have alfalfa as a filler. the point...I started taking it last Friday and I swear I have noticed a huge decrease in my Raynaud's episodes. I have only had one episode that involved my tongue. This is huge for me. I have Raynauds to the Nth degree, and I'm so tickled to have found this. My neck seems to be feeling a bit better, and my throat problems too. Maybe this is just a placebo effect, but has anyone else taken DHEA and seen results?

    Melatonin-I have taken it to help regulate my sleep for probably three years now. I read that if you have lupus you should not take it because of it boosting your immune system. I called my doctor's office, and they agreed. I called one of the pharmacists at the pharmacy I used to work for and he looked it up in a book that had the same answer. So I guess this is a warning and a question. Has anybody else seen this as a trigger?

    One last note-I'm sorry for not responded to some of the folks who helped me out in my last post, but I've been set back with a UTI on top of a sinus infection.

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    I have fms and cfs. My doctor just started me on DHEA. He gave me an RX to a compounding pharmacy. He said (as you did) that you cannot always trust what is over the counter. I am on 10 mg daily so far for 3 weeks. I told my doctor(just yesturday) that I really did not feel anything different. He said it can take up to 3 months to notice a change. He took my blood to measure the DHEA level(and a bunch of other bloodwork). My first bloodwork showed that I was low in DHEA so that is why he put me on it. I really hope it helps you. Keep us posted.

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    Sorry I just noticed that this was a question for those with lupus or connective tissue problems! I'm so embarrassed.

    Actually I'm early in the testing process so at this point I am fms/cfs (and endo) and don't know much more than that about my body yet.
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    When I got an email notification of your reply all it said was the title which was "DUH." I was like, "Oh no, someone thinks I'm a real idiot and should know better." LOL.

    Heck, who knows, DHEA may help all this stuff. We'll see. ;)

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    I am only borderline positive for lupus but why is alfafa a problem? I just bought some the other day.
    Take care, Theresa
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    In every book on lupus I've ever read (and my rheu and primary care) have said alfalfa triggers flares and in some cases triggers the disease altogether. I can't recall the exact reason, I'll get back to you on it though. I just got back from Walmart and am having serious brainfog issues. ;) Something just hit me the other day, I wonder if it's breathing the alfalfa as well? I raise goats and it's in their hay. Can seem to find an answer on that one.


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