LUPUS NEWBE PLEASE HELP explain my blood test? Any opinion helps!

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    For over a year and a half I have had a positive ANA come up on over 8 different tests. I have seen over 8 doctors from neurologists, to pain mang. clinics, to now a rheum doctor. This new rheum doctor I have finally seems very good along with a new PCP that I have and truly believe me and medically can see i am sick and promised to help me get answers and get through it so I could start living a normal life again. They both agree that I am sick with some autoimmune disease/s but all the doctors before them never seemed to care much to get me answers or relief from the life of pain I live in. FINALLY yesterday I got some good news in my opinion because some blood work came back they may indicate I finally have an answer to what I have. Obviously I have had a positive ANA for at least1 1/2 years since I started feeling like my life was not worth living anymore being so sick and in pain all the time. I have had hundreds of tubes of blood done to rule in or out any disease possiblities but this particular test I got back had a reference of (<5 negative,5-9 equivocal and >9 positive) it was a...Anti-dsDNA also known as Anti-DNA(DS)Ab Qn Antibodies, with my result which came back at 29/POSITIVE-HIGH. My doctors assistant called me in reguards to this and said my blood work he ran looked good except for he found a postitive marker on the lupus strand, and would need to run yet again more blood work and wouldnt positively tell me if I had Lupus or not. I looked up the symptoms for Lupus and have at least 15 out of 20 or so there is plus 10 more symptoms probably from another unknown illness or autoimmune disease. WHAT IS THIS ANTI-DNA(DS)Ab Qn TEST? AND WITH MY POSITIVE/HIGH 29 RESULT, DO I FINALLY HAVE A DIAGNOSIS? Do I have lupus anyone and what are the treatments and medications to help????

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    I have systemic lupus, malar lupus (of the face which occurs at times) and a patch of discoid lupus but the rheumatologist nor my primary care doctor will do a skin scraping to positively ID it and just aren't sure about it.

    I can't tell you what test values mean. And different rheumatologists think differently when it comes to positive ANA results--some refuse to consider they are anything and send you out the door and back home. Others believe the positive ANA means you need to dig deeper. The person who diagnoses and treats lupus is a rheumatologist. Some people have seen several to get multiple opinions.

    Also, try posting on the ProHealth LUPUS Board here and you may get some answers. You can also read the various pages of posts on the Lupus Board and that may answer some questions. Good luck.