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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowee, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. meowee

    meowee New Member

    Hi all,
    I posted this on the lupus board but nobody even answered. I was hoping you guys here could help me.

    I do have FM/CFS and have for nearly 30 years.

    Now, for about the past month, on a daily basis, my face starts on the left cheek, and then it moves to forehead and right cheek,, it is a HOT red rash. I have to lay in front of a fan with moist cloth on it to get any relief. It will go away. And then it comes back again either later that day or next day.

    Right now, it is only on one cheek?

    I have had the ANA test 3 times in the past, PLUS, 3 skin biopsies on discoid rashes, but all have been negative.

    DO you think this is a sign of lupus, the hot red face?

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you and God bless
  2. meowee

    meowee New Member

    thank you, empty. I am going to ask my doc to do a whole battery of tests. I have had positive MONO in the past, so I would like that checked, also.

    GOOD LUCk and TY
  3. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    May I call you bleow? (blee-ow). That is what my grandson calls cats *LOL*.

    I checked your profile for age, could you be having hot flashes? They can sometimes act that way. I have times when my face gets really hot like that. Could it be rosacea? I think it stings and feels hot too. Good idea on talking with your doc. That is always the best. Many of us here wear white coats but we just lack that degree *LOL*.

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