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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AceJoker, Aug 20, 2006.

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    what are people doing while they wait for a diagnosis? i am out of work and can't figure out how to move forward in my life....i feel like i am just waiting for the final DX. i was an active working person and now i am home and in pain and exausted...what are people doing to keep themselves focused and busy? and once you get a dx what is there to do?
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    Hi Acejoker:

    Welcome. In case you did not notice, there is actually a LUPUS Board here. Click on MESSAGE BOARDS on the top and then click LUPUS.

    Do you have FMS or CFS as well?

    Does New York have disability insurance? In CA you can get up to 50% of your salary for 1 year. I think that it costs something like $350 per year...and it is mandatory, either through the state, or through a private company that has the same benefits.

    Do you have complications from Lupus? Are you being treated for it? Your message did not have many details and you did not complete much of your profile. I understand being in pain and not having the energy to complete it...but it sure does help us get to know you.

    If you Lupus has caused you to be disabled, I would think you would need to start completing the paperwork for SSDI, that is if you have worked in the past?

    I hope that your pain can be controlled and you can find some focus in your life. Do you have family, friends who can help you out? Are you seeing doctors who are supportive of your situation? Do you have medical insurance? All these things will determine what kind of treatment you can expect.

    Good luck and hope that you can get some answers from either this board, or the LUPUS board.

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    to the board. Lots of nice people here who can share experiences. People come here to exchange info, share jokes and recipes, chit chat, etc.

    People here have various degrees of disability. Some work. I worked part-time for 20 years till I retired.

    Some can't get out much. Some have multiple medical problems.

    Fill out your profile so we can get to know you better.