Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by laluna, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. laluna

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    How is lupus treated with transfer factor?
  2. Johnniebear

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    Believe me, having lupus/scleroderma myself, I have shared your concerns about stimulating the immune system. BUt, truly, TF is not supposed to stimulate it, but modulate it...shift more toward the TH1 side. Dr. Brewer said they've never seen any type of reaction in autoimmune patients that suggests it is worsening the condition. I don't know if he's right or not, but he's used a lot of TF.
  3. caja

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    I have also been diagnosed with lupus. What is TF never heard of it. But willing to try anything.This is like a death sentence.
  4. Mkubiak

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    Read this article. It explains how the transfer factor works and why it helps lupus patients.
  5. Mkubiak

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    Believe me lupus is not a death sentence. I have lupus for over 13 years and I am doing well. When I was diagnosed I belived I will die soon. I didn't. With time I learned how to deal with it. Positive thinking is a key.