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  1. I originally signed up, thinking this group also discussed Lupus. Can someone please let me know if I joined the wrong group.

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    Don't know how much this group knows about Lupus. Primarily most of us have ME/ CFS or fibromyalgia. But we seem to have a hodge podge of ailments within the group who regularly talk on this forum to one another. Everything from CFS to Fibromyalgia, to Diabetes, to Alzheimers, to Heart Disease, to Hypothyroidism. You name it, somebody here likely has it. I guess it's a matter of how much information are you looking for v.s. how much support you are looking for. This forum is full of great people who have become "Porch" chums and discuss everything from soup to nuts. We support each other when one is "down". We share jokes, favorite books, movies, family news, medical info., and a great commeraderie. I'm sure there are Lupus forums out there for information if that is your prime concern. If you just want friends to chat with who understand how terrible diseases affect a person, then you're in the right place.