LURKERS, please let us know who you are. You are among friends.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Nana61, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. Nana61

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    I was a lurker for a long time but I have learned that these people really care. They show a lot of compassion and try to help any way they can. We all suffer a lot of pain and need each others support. I have FMS/CFS and other things that I won't go into right now. So come aboard and join us. The way I see it, the more the better (merrier). Lots of love and support to everyone. Nana/Jan
  2. Nana61

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  3. tulip922s

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    Most days I can only get out of bed for a few hours at a time, so my time is very, very limited here. I spend most of it looking for information here and taking care of my most basic needs.

    Was seriously considering moving the computer next to my bed or the bed next to the computer but just wore myself out thinking about doing it. hahaha

    Have a great day. Tulip
  4. jyl

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    I've been lurking for quite a while and have learned a lot. I also enjoy the chit chat board.

  5. ggks

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    Yes, I am a lurker, but not by my choice. Whenever I post something it isn't printed or if it is it is on one time and then deleated. I find this place very interesting. ggks
  6. babyzee

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    Please educate me. Also, what's "bump" mean?
  7. bre_ann

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    a lurker is someone who comes to the board and reads the posts but doesn't post or posts very rarely.
    A bump is what we can do to posts to move them back to the front page. Every time someone posts a response to a post, it moves that post back to the front page and the board moves so fast that sometimes a post will move to the second or third pages without getting any responses so you can go into that post and just put "bump" in the title and message and it will bump it back up to the first page again.
    Hope I explained it okay and hope my explanation is accurate.
  8. Godslove

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    I also am a lurker. I read a lot of the posts but I'm not much of a talker. Sometimes it's too difficult to think about what I want to say and it gets frustrating. So I'm content just reading and learning.

    Hope and Peace,
  9. Susiem

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    I have tried to make comments or reply but no one answers if I ask a question. I have had FMS for over ten years and I am in the midst of a flareup and frustrated. I don't know much about the drugs used to treat this other than what my GP has given to me. I am not sleeping well. Dr. gave me Flexeril as a muscle relaxer but it makes me so out of it the next day it is hard to work. It also does not seem to help much with the sleep. When pain is bad I take hydrocodone. It helps but does not get rid of the pain. What seems to work best for others? I am also on synthroid and insulin.
  10. larayne

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    I hope it is not wrong to read the messages and not respond. I do at times if I feel I have an answer. but it is very painful to use the computer so I must limit my time on it. am learning more from this board about my disease then anywhere else. By that I mean ...when someone writes about a problem sometimes it is the same thing I have experienced and I at least know it is FM. My doctor doesn't tell me much and I always feel so rushed. I tell him about what is my worse problem at that time...he says its FM exercise more. Example...I have night sweats, I read many of you do too so I just accept it. I have horrible back and leg pain you all do too. Many of you have had to deal with doctors that won't give meds. Many have stood up to them and you taught me to do the same....I even make my husband go with me which helps me to keep the attitude I am the one paying work for me. I have gotten many letters from you guys and you help me. Thanks a million. I really don't mean to easedrop just observing the answers so many of you have. The doctor has mentioned I was easier to take care of before I learned to use the computer as now I always want my own way. He doesn't know it but I am still uncomcortable with him I just don't show it. 70 is not to old to change.
  11. spmary

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    I guess I'm sort of a half lurker. I have read the posts for a long time, and have felt helped by the members love and advice. I'm alittle shy. My family would not think so.But then they don't seem to notice much about my illness. I offer them newsclippings etc. No help. Anyway, I've gotten use to handling it on my own, and using the boards advice. I still have friends because I listen to their troubles but don't bother them with mine. I tried a few times, but they weren't interested. Some friends ,huh? I love life and I know it will get better, I've had this DD since 1992. LOL, Mary
  12. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    I come in and mostly read the messages. I have found a lot of great info here.
    I am 48 have had fibro for about 7 years following a nasty surgery.

    I run an on-line support group for people with fibromyalgia so lots of days by the time I get here, I am all typed out.

    Your forum is so very good at keeping people informed and everyone seems so friendly and compassionate. I really look forward to coming here.

  13. fibrorebel

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    You did not say if you are taking any Magnesium? For the majority of us it is a life-necessity. Please go to the top of the screen and enter magnesium in the search box and you will get lots of info why the magnesium helps us so.
    You also can check for help w/sleep the same way, just enter sleep or another clue word, it is a great way to research!! love, Rebel
  14. sumbuni

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    At one time my doctor in Tn thought i might have Fibro...seemed to have all the pressure points, and all the pain and fatigue...
    My doctor now, in KY, seems to think it's CFS., depression and anxiety.

    My marriage fell apart 2 years ago because i couldn't cope with the fatigue and the demands of a super spoiled husband(whom i still can't seem to remove from my heart) Now i'm alone and working. I seem to have had EBV sometime or other, which my dr. seems to thimk may have caused the CFS. I was doing fairly well until my new job turned into legalized slavery..(LOL) 55 hours in 6 days seems to be more than i can handle. Now it seems i'm in a full blown flare up of whatever it is. I just wonder if ALL the pain and etc that i have are because of CFS.
  15. Susiem

    Susiem New Member

    Thanks for the info about Magnes.
  16. fibrojewel

    fibrojewel New Member

    Hi, I am new and have been reading and learning for about a week or so. You can't shut me up once I get started :)
    but sometimes I like to just read and keep people in my prayers.

    See ya!
  17. vnr27

    vnr27 New Member

    hi i love this board i have learned alot, im not to good typing .i have found more info here then my doc has to offer. last nite about 3am i woke up really hot and panic snd dizzy i thought i was dying but i came on and started reading and i felt better,so god bless u all i really dont have anyone who understands, bye 4 now,valerie
  18. Cindy

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    Hello All-

    I do fit in this catagory as well, I have been a member of this board for a few years now, but mostly read, rarely post. I do however sometimes relate to someone elses problem. But most times when i go to post, I get confused and cant find the right words, does anyone else go through this? And then I feel as if I just ramble on and on about nothing! =( Perhaps this might sound as a cop out, but really is a bothersome problem for me. It seems as if I can not come up with the right words,I know what I want to say, but my mind drifts...
  19. lighthouselady

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    I never thought of myself as a lurker but, yes I am. I work on a computer 40 hours a week typing medical reports so I don't type a lot when I come home. I do enjoy reading how everyone else is faring though. Once in a while I do add something. I just appreciate the chance to connect with other FM people.

  20. MJJBunny

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    I've been on staff on other message boards before so when I found this one dealing with a topic that affects me in a very personal way, I felt right at home here. Finally I'm someplace with others who understand.