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    I seldom post on the board anymore unless I think the message would be relevant to all.
    I personally have gone thru peaks and valleys with this madness, grasping at every straw whether it be herbal meds, prescriptions or new Dr's.
    I am a functioning(?) individual, still continue to work, but can see the progression of certain issues with fm.
    My one concern are the physicians who proclaim to be "experts in their field", and it ends up to be a dog and pony ("snake oil") free for all. Reminds me of the county fairs we attended as children, "step right up and see the great blahooy!" Next tent, ect, ect.
    I am convinced a medical advisor would have to have this DD in order to experience or help others.
    I am so tired of spending money, thinking that something will work, praying that "this will do it".
    It is almost like politics, once the "medical advisor, who knows Jack" has locked into this cornucopia of people searching for answers, the setup is identical.
    We become guinea pigs for their exotic vacations and BMW convertibles.
    Of course you are seen once by the main honcho, then you are redirected to tent #2, tent #3, ect.
    The guy in tent ones says, high protein, high fat content, no grain. Whole fresh milk, raw cream.
    Tent #2 says blah blah blah, remember that there are probably 7 tents to go.
    Well, guess what?
    I have sense enough to know that dairy products, for me in particular, cause excess mucus, and that is a real concern.
    Ahhh, one mistake, so who bats 100, I can give them that!
    Then I start to get frightened, I know as much about this side ,coz I am here, than they do. When that realization sets in I go home and cry.
    Money and greed rule the world.
    I have seen old people who have driven hours late for their appointment turned away and reprimanded by the staff. I have set in a Dr's office for 2/3 hours waiting to see a guy for 15 min. What is that all about? If he knew he was running 3 hours behind, guess what, they have my cell phone #, I have other things to do. Did I go back, nooooo!
    When under stress and in major fog I have called to cancel an appointment for the next day and was told I would be charged, they needed 48 hours. But was that appointment filled when I tried to get it back, you betcha!
    I would rather read what another of my peers has had success with , go out and spend my hard earned money on that product or gadjet
    than flitter it away in disappointment to some crazy self proclaimed health guru who does not understand what the hell we are even involved in, writing books on "their way of healing".
    Well write on, I will follow my own lead, and I advise anyone who just feels frustrated to educate yourself on what works for you.
    Everyone knows when they need to seek medical advice, when the rest is simply not working or you have a a debilitating illness that you have to have prescription drugs for.
    I am just disgusted and tired of brick walls.

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    We really need a clearing house to know what to do but you have to remember that what works for one doesn't work for another.

    I, too, am just fed up with the greed in the world. I really want to get better but realistically speaking it's very doubtful that my lack of health insurance and "extra" money will get me where I want to go.

    I am grateful for the love of God because it was (is) freely given.

    I think people who get a little power use it on those they know are helpless and can't/won't stand up for themselves. But being turned away because you're a little late for a dr appt? I had that happen once with a hair dresser. I think she was in her power mode. Well, I never went back to that salon and was rather pleased when it closed.

    Beware of the snake oil. Lots of people buy into anything because of desperation. I tend to be quite analytical (maybe because I'm 62 years old - I don't know.) But then I also hang up on telemarketers or don't answer the "unknown" phone calls. So you have to be prepared to fight back in your own way, I guess.

    This world is a maddening place in which to live when you're healthy but when you're sick it can be a poor proposition. I am always glad and uplifted to read a post here where someone actually finds a good doctor or good attorney or actually wins their disability claim. These seem to be rare, don't you think?

    I do believe there is a lot of good advice on this board, tho, and some of these folks have been dealing with these issues for many years. It is just the problem of trying to sit up and read most of it. I am not able to so miss much in the way of what's good, what's not.

    I said in a previous post that I think this site should be required reading for medical students and those in the healthcare field. They might just learn somehing about the suffering we represent.

    Well, I rambled on but was very interested in what you had to say, Sharon.

    Spanaway, WA
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    When it comes to our diet, the best thing to do is to trust our ancestor's diet - God's diet. (He makes no mistakes.) This other stuff human's invented, candy, pasta, soda, donuts, etc.....that's what's making us all so sick and fat.

    Marilyn :)