LuvnMySon07 - Not Understanding Your Published Article

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    LuvnMySon07 - Not Understanding Your Published Article

    Re: Your article on “Similarities of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Comparison of Blood Co-Infections” (Journal of IiME May 2009)

    So let me try and understand this right: If the mother during pregnancy had chlamydia then the child in fact could become infected by chlamydia therefore causing or can cause autism or autism like symptoms or other problems?

    [General question, what is the gist of this study & its implications?]


    That is correct, but it is only part of the story. Most of these bacterial and viral infections are also airborne infections, so they don’t have to be present at birth or before. The point is that similar chronic infections are found in CFS and ASD patients (and often in the families of ASD patients) but the symptoms in these young patients can be quite different in terms of behavioral effects. These differences could be due to other events (heavy metals, chemicals, etc.) or to differences in the developing brains of young children and fetuses.

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