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    How is your husband doing? Did you find out what was wrong with his leg? I hope all is well and that you were able to go on your trip, and that it was enjoyed! Hugs, Tam
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    How thoughtful of you to write me. We did not find out what is wrong yet. We did go on our trip and both made out fine.

    He has a knot in his leg and back problems. I am going to make him go to the doc about it, but I found out that his leg IS NOT hot to the touch, he just thinks it is for some reason.

    I touched it both times he said it felt hot and it does not. There is no redness or swelling either. The pain he describes is nerve pain (we might not be able to heal ourselves, but boy can we dx people! only benefit I can see to having so many symptoms!).

    He says it burns and is numb. I have a place on my upper thigh that is numb but itches and burns when I try to scratch it.

    Hubby used to ask how your leg could itch and burn AND be numb. Now he knows!!!

    Sonya :)