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    Hey there,
    I'm on my way out the door, going to work, but wanted to post a quick message to you. I read your post yesterday on the reincarnation thread & was going to respond to it but noticed that you deleted it. I can see why--some may have thought it to be a bit strange. However, I thought it was extremely interesting! Also, you are an *amazing* writer!

    I'm going to write another message to you later but knew I might forget if I didn't post something now. I read your profile & also found it to be interesting. Our stories are similar in some ways.

    Take care!

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    So my memory ain't so hot :)

    Not only did I not remember to take the time to post something longer, I forgot to bump this short message so that you might see it, lyciumchld!

    And I'm feeling 3/4 brain dead right now so will leave this as an abbreviated note.

    As I mentioned in the main post here, your writing is magnificent! I've only read a few of your posts & your bio but it's obvious that you possess a lot of talent & intelligence. The first post of yours that caught my attention was the one about your past life feelings/dreams. Interesting..

    I used to love to read & write. These days I can do both, but not as well & my abilities are pretty sporadic.

    I haven't seen any posts from you since then, but admittedly when I'm on here, I generally just peruse through things pretty randomly & only stop if something really catches my attention (which takes a lot to do these days!). I always stop & answer a question if I think I might be able to help someone but that's about the extent of things.

    Okay, I'm spent for the day but wanted to bump & add a note. Primarily wanted to compliment your writing, say hi & mention the past life deal (again, didn't think it was weird).

    Take care,
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    Glad you saw this so I didn't have to remember to bump it again...who knows when that would have been? Ha!

    I *totally* need to start doing the blog thing as well. A lot of my past writing is really just random things in journals. Mostly philosophical, observational & also a lot of funny stuff (or at least to me--ha--I can be easily amused)! My job actually involves writing as well, but I write business emails & also interact with our client via instant messenger. On my toopid brain fart days, it's quite a challenge to answer complex trading questions & make sure everything is spelled correctly, etc. (work @ a brokerage firm). I used to not even have to think about how to spell things correctly, grammar, etc & now I sometimes get stumped on ridiculously simple things.

    Which blog site do you like? I used to post on a writer's site, I forget the name. Basically you post your stuff & others can read it & give you feedback. There are a bunch of categories...poetry, etc. I've never really written much poetry myself although I love to read it.

    I'm feeling kind of nauseous so better go lie down :-(
    Take care :)