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    I have replied on your post also but want to make sure you read this.

    I am SO very sorry for your daughter and for you all.

    You could be writing about my daughter, Shelley.

    She has a blood clotting disorder that definitely has caused the miscarriages (3), one ectopic which resulted in the loss of one of her tubes. She's also been married for 5 years and all she's ever wanted is to have a baby. They discovered this after the ectopic.

    Shelley has Factor V Lyden (a blood clotting disorder) - when she next gets pregnant she has to go to specialist right away and start Heparin injections on a daily basis. This wont ensure a healthy pregnancy but it will help.

    Please get your daughter to investigate this blood clotting further Julie, if she hasn't done so already.

    I know you wish you could take all her pain away.