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    Regarding your sinus infection-- sorry to hear the meds didn't help. I found lasting relief w/ chinese herbs. Below is a link that may give you some suggestions.
    I also recall you visit a chiropractor? Maybe you can ask him for sinus specific adjustment or some therapy on the sinus cavity.
    Also, a neti pot can help, as well as dandilion and nettle tea...


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    I see you've gotten lots of good advice...I only hope your situation is not too severe that you can do it w/o a doctor. Can you take decongestants? I can't, so that complicates things for me. I also use the colloidial silver and found it most helpful.

    In regards to the chinese herbs, I actually went to a chinese acupuncturist out of desperation (and no insurance at the time either). He not only helped me w/ severe sinus infections but discovered my female problems (endometriosis) and somehow they were connected...he treated both (needles and herbs) and wouldn't you know it, I got pregnant a year later! So watch out, lol! Just kidding...but it was quite a surprise as I no longer ovulated by convential tests!

    I've never had sinus problems to that degree as in the 90's. He wasn't expensive either. Six treatments I believe...chiropractor helped but no cure, I agree. It sounds like you are in a lot of misery and hope you find some real lasting relief soon!

    Kiss Keira for me!!

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    Oh Wow! How devastating for your daughter as well as you-- my heart goes out to you and I'm sure you would do that for her in a heartbeat...I was dx w/ endometriosis at age 19, very young...and have three children. Lots of treatment, four surgeries, you name it...I still look at my son each day and am so grateful he made it, as no one thought I would be able to carry him!

    Maybe if you have any questions we could meet over in the hormone board one of these days and I could give you more detail or answer any questions if you choose to look into acupuncture. I did have one miscarriage (that was the surprise pregnancy). I went to California for treatment but there are plenty around here now. I continued on herbs for about two years, in conjucntion w/ my gyno (he approved, was thrilled). I no longer have the goods myself, as it came back and I had a hyst. at age 32...and all because of a sinus infection that wouldn't go away, I have two additional blessings, my girls!
    I hope you will be able to post a pic of Keira in her dress...

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    Yes, that is a beautiful poem. One of my favorite people (met her on this board, Missizzy) ended up adopting ten children (and fosters still) on top of three biological children...oh what an adventure life has been for her. She is a treasure. I wanted to adopt myself but as soon as we got the paperwork from Catholic Charities, I found myself pregnant. I still think about it and should my health ever improve enough to take on a child, I would love to foster myself.

    If Lindsey has any of you in her, she will make a wonderful parent, I am sure of that!

    I hope the colloidial silver works for you--the fact that your face is so puffy and you have tried so many things does worry me a bit. Have you ever had x-rays taken or any talk of something chronic going on that might need a doctor? I know if these things don't help you would do what you can, but I hope nothing drastic is necessary.