Lydocaine for trigger points

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FaithHopeCure, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. FaithHopeCure

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    Hi. I have had fibro for 10- 12 years and have had nearly every pharma drug and physical therapies. Starting in February I had gotten so frustrasted with all the meds that I decided to research new treatments again and start looking into supplements. I was on the fibromyalgia network website and received a booklet offering different therapy suggestions. I started lydocaine injections at the back of neck and skull and they have helped relieve pain there by 70%. I no longer get migraines and by relieving my worst pain,the rest of my body pain has reduced significantly. Since I am getting good results, I am considering Botox injections because they paralyze the muscle for up to six months.

    By the way I highly recommend the lydocaine shots for your worst trigger points. It helps numb the nerves and hopefully in the long run will reset the pain patterns. I also am getting great results from taking all my supplements too. Thanks to prohealth. Although, I wish they offered a sublingual b12.

    Has anyone had either of these injection treatments or considered the Botox injections for longer relief? Should I continue the lydocaine shots every two to four weeks or go for the botox injections for longer headache and migraine relief?[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2012]
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    So interesting how different things help one person and hurts another.

    I tried two different kinds of injections and they both made me much worse. I think I was sensitive to that medication. I have heard of them helping others though, and that's why traditional docs do try it.

    Glad your found some relief.
  3. FaithHopeCure

    FaithHopeCure New Member

    I am surprised more people haven't tried injections. When I was at my worst pain with mayofacial pain and riddled with trigger points around my whole pelvic and lower back and coccyx area I did do lydocaine injections along with physical therapy (this was in 2000). My obgyn had to inject the shots vaginally in order to relieve the pain. Also, I had a woman physical therapist work on the trigger points vaginally and all over the pelvic area. It was very painful but it worked. I had a complete hystectomy to get rid of all the scar tissue caused by endometriosis. I no longer have severe pain there.

    Now I am hoping that the Botox injections will retrain the pain pathways in my neck/head as well. The injections are painful but I do get relief! I still have all over body muscle and joint aches and stiffness but it is not debilitating pain....I am 45 but some days I feel like 85 years old.
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    But they have caused more pain than relief. I was given steriods and Hyluroinic Acid and lidocaine {sorry for the spelling} I had one injection in my right knee it was to help with the oesteo-arthritis in my knee's but first the lidocaine did not numb any thing , any part of my knee joint inside or out, it took every thing I had to just hold still till the doctor removed the needle, I was in so much pain I had tears running down my face I begged him to stop and not finish the injection but he would not do that. When it was done I could not stand at all, I could not bear weight on that leg and I was in so much pain that I was sick to my stomache, this lasted for two weeks and the knee has hurt much worse ever since that one injection. It was to have been one of three injections but there was no way I was going to do that again ever.

    I have fibro, cmps, DDD, spinal stenosis, end-stage oesteo-arthritis in both knees meaning I need two total knee replacements sooner or later. But I can't deal with the added pain from surgery and the added terror I feel when ever I think about having any more surgery.
    I am glad that you found relief from pain with the injections I truely am ,but there is no way I would evr do it again.

    So I live with all the pain from all the syndromes disease's that I have, I am on mscontin 60 mgs twice a day, 4 mg's hydromorphone up to 3 times a day and soma , xanax for panic attacks and visteril for itching and nausea. I have reduced the amount of pain meds I take alot and I am going to keep reducing them till I get to where I am taking the least amount of narcotics and still function, drive, keep house, play with grandkids ect, Mostly live my life.

    I am impressed so much that you got help for you pain with lidocaine injections, I am thrilled that you have less pain now. Best wishes to you with trying the Botox injections.

  5. FaithHopeCure

    FaithHopeCure New Member

    Rosemarie, I am so sorry the lydocaine/steriod injections were such an awful experience for you. It is a painful process and if you get no relief than it is not worth it. I have read that it does not work for everyone.

    I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain. I too have been on a lot of prescription drugs, including xanax for panic attacks. The thing about pain is that once the flare ups start happening then I start to panic because I know that I won't sleep well and the cycle of pain and anxiety continues.

    I drink a wellness drink called Nopalea for inflammation and Adatogen 10 plus for anxiety along with Prohealths fibro supplements. I have been able to go off all prescription drugs. The only one I take is Clonazepam on an as needed basis. The wellness drinks have been amazing but are a little pricey as with most natural nutrition supplements.

    I wish you the best of health in your search for wellness! Take care... :)

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