LYME alternative treatments in TOWNSEND LETTER

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  1. victoria

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    Google 'Townsend Letter Lyme", you should come up with it, it is very long so you need to read it at their website and/or print it off for reference... it is free for the viewing, and is a current article.

    We found it to be very informative, and are rethinking about our son doing IV abx after reading this article, as one of the things it stated was that it took about 18 months for the cell walled Lyme to be affected by abx...

    as it is looking like we would have to relocate him out of state to the LLMD's metro area in order to do it as no one herre will take responsibility for backup care (no surprise really, I'm not sure I'd do it either if I were an MD).

    The Townsend Letter also covers supplements that help battle Lyme, one of them (can't remember now which one) directly kills it... but don't think it mentions samento altho I have to re-read it.

    Hope this helps!
  2. hopeful4

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    Thanks for this tip, Victoria. I found the website. However, I'm having trouble finding the articles due to my lyme-brain.

    Can you please give the title of the article you're referring to about the alternative treatments? And is the one about the supplements a different article?

    Thanks a lot. Looks like a great resource.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    The title is

    Biochemistry of Lyme Disease: Borrelia burgdorferi Spirochete/Cyst
    by Prof. Robert W. Bradford and Henry W. Allen
    (February/March 2006)

    If you google the 3 words: lyme townsend letter
    it should be the second major heading...

    Hope this helps - happy reading! - everything should be at that link!

    all the best,
  4. pumpkinpatch

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    Thank you Victoria. I'm going to check that out tonight. Bad headache today and more pain. I'm taking 7 abx per day, I feel like I'm going to bubble over! I tell people it will take 1-4 years for significant improvements.
    I watched a long video clip about lyme and children and now I can't find it. Really interesting. I'll keep looking.

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  5. hopeful4

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    Thanks Victoria, I'm going to find it this time.

    Cindy, sounds like you're really going through a rough time. Why are you taking 7 ABX per day, and for how long? What dosage? Are you coping?

    I was herxing badly on just 1 azithromycin 500 mg/day. I've just starting pulsing, 3 weeks on, 1 week off. It made me very weak, and sent me into a deep depression.

    Be well everyone.

  6. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    Thanks for asking.

    I've been on

    amoxicillan- 500 mg x 3 per day
    tinidaloze- (like Flagl) 250mg. x 4 per day

    About 5 weeks now straight, no pulsing.

    Before that I was on biaxin and doxy and just couldn't tolerate them. The doxy was ripping out my stomach and the biaxin was finishing off the rest of me. I had zero appetite.

    I go back to see the LLMD in two weeks.

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  7. victoria

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    as it appears the Lyme Board is down, at least for the weekend... hope it pops back up on Monday!

    all the best,
  8. hopeful4

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    Lyme board:
    Is that going to be a new thing? I hope that having it will lead to more discussion on lyme, but also hope that FM/CFIDS board will continue to discuss lyme.

    A person I know who just got DX w/Lyme (former DX was FM for 30 years), and her Dr. told her that 80% of FM patients actually have Lyme. If it hadn't been for this board, and FFC, I wouldn't know I had lyme either.

    The lyme treatment can be so difficult. Doxy: I lasted only a week on that, stomach couldn't handle it. I haven't been on the others you mention. No wonder you're having such a hard time.

    Maybe your LLMD will have something to help. I think it's important for the treatment to be at least tolerable and not knock us flat out.

    Wishing all well,

  9. victoria

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    the scientist who developed the Bowen Test, has lyme herself, she is in her 70s... she finds she needs to routinely treat herself to stayin remission...

    and I know Trevor Marshall of Marshall Protocol says the same...

    I wouldn't be surprised at all, I'm thinking some of these bugs we will never get rid of them completely, the point may be to just keep them in a surrendered state... sort of like the herpes infections.

    I hope too that the Lyme Board will be back, but it IS the weekend, which of course is when stuff usually seems to happen or break, LOL....

  10. ANNXYZ

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    Thank you so much for sharing this info! I really appreciate it lots. I am praying today for you and your son to find some help. I am also beginning to question how much success can be achieved by oral or IV ABX .
    Like others have mentioned , I also doubt complete cure is realistic ( after having the disease a long time ) . If I can just see progress and have a decent quality of life , then I will try and be thankful for that .
  11. pawprints

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    I will read it when I have a chance and a brain.

    Did they mention the Cumanda or Burbur?