Lyme and Igenex question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by frosty77, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. frosty77

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    Does the Igenex test have to be authorized by primary? I begged my primary last week to do this and she refused, saying she would run Western Blot instead. Which makes no sense as my insurance won't pay for Igenex, so I was going to pay.

    I'm fed up with primary doctor. Some of my blood tests came back yesterday with elevated white cell count - which she said indicates my body's response to allergies. I don't have allergies, never did.

    There's no LLMD in MA, so I'm stuck with primary. But I'm wondering if there's anyone else who can authorize Igenex so I can get my blood drawn. Any ideas?
  2. erica741

    erica741 New Member

    Any doctor can authorize your Igenex tests.

    Does your primary MD realize that Igenex's lyme tests are Western Blots? I can understand your primary may have concerns relying solely on Igenex results if she is not familiar with the lab (most MDs aren't). Maybe you can get her to authorize the Igenex Western Blots if you also agree to get a Western Blot from her lab of choice.

    Since the northeast has the heaviest lyme prevalence, I'm surprised there are no LLMDs nearby. Lymenet is a pretty good place to find LLMDs.

    But before spending the time and money to travel to see an LLMD, you'll want to get your Igenex Western Blot results. I hope you can find another doctor to authorize or convince yours.

    Good luck!


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