Lyme Arthritis

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    I've been gettting severe attacks of lyme arthritis in my lower back and hips and in the right knee and right ankle this whole month. I feel like my doctor is just not taking me seriously enough. She did prescribe for me to get aquatic pool therapy if I want it. But I'm worried about the chlorine in the pool because of all my millions of CFIDS symptoms. And right now, I'm in too much pain to even think of doing the therapy.

    We've been getting thunderstorms the whole month, something that never happens here, not like this. And it has just activated the lyme arthritis badly. The pain pills help alittle, but not enough. And sometimes it's so bad with the pain and stiffness that I almost cannot stand up. It's scary. I used to only get these attacks in August. But since the weather changed, it came alot earlier and it's lasting.

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything. And the doc refuses to give me narcs because they either make me sick or she's too afraid of addicting me. Plus, I have to stay clean and sober to do anything. I'm alone now.

    I'm sick of dealing with the pain everyday.
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    I'm so sorry that you are suffering that way. I understand the difficulties of chronic lyme.

    I know that I often took Plaquenil. Mine was with doxy but you could ask about taking it alone during the times of year when you have more trouble.

    Or maybe he can think of another med that can help with inflammation which in turn should help with pain.

    In addition, you may want to do some research into homeopathic pain relief.

    There are different things available, like hypericum perforatum. I believe it is St John's Wort so you cannot take it if you take certain would need to check on that if you do.

    It is not the regular St John's Wort supplement pills that you can buy, it is different.

    I have some to try. Mine is Boiron brand of pillules in the 30c strength. They look like tiny pellets that dissolve in the mouth.

    Then someone told me about Arnica. I got some of the pillules (pellets) in the 30c strength.

    I can't give you any report on either one of them, but do some looking into those and other homeopathics.

    Ask your Dr about them. Alot of Dr's don't know anything about homeopathy though.

    How about your diet? Are there some things you could eliminate to help decrease sugar, gluten (wheat, rye, barley)?

    The more you can do to decrease inflammation, the better you should feel.

    Are you treating your lyme?

    Are you on The Medical Questions board there is very helpful, since there are tons of people with lyme there and the board moves FAST. The more people, the more responses and suggestions you may get.

    Ask your Dr if there is saline pool therapy. Tell her that the chlorine is toxic to you and you need clean but natural water in a pool.

    If you are suicidal, PLEASE call the suicide hotline and talk to someone..anytime.

    The number is 1-800-273-8255.

    Please know that suicide is not the answer. It totally devastates many family members for the rest of their lives.

    And God wants you to live. He does have a plan for you....for hope and a future.

    I"ll say a prayer for you now.

    Take care.

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    Homeopathy has only made me worse over the years. I've tried it all. And I've done a million different treatments. Nothing works on this. I was bitten as a child, it ate away at my immune system for half my life till they figured out that's what it was. I've been on so many things and nothing works. And it's just getting worse.

    We have been getting thunderstorms here nearly every day for a month and that's what has really go the arthritis flare going. That, coupled with that I have been forced to do alot of physical work myself lately, it's really made it all much, much worse. I don't know what to do anymore.

    My local family is dead. And my long distance family really wouldn't care if I died. I live only for my cat now.

    Right now, I just want out of this pain. I have a sciatica flare up, it's going all down the leg and into the foot. I've got the lower back and hip pain and stiffness. I'm just dying.

    And the naproxen I just downed for it is already killing me with acid reflux. My doc just doesn't take it seriously enough to give me anything else for the severe pain. And tonight, it's that severe. Like I'd go to the ER, but they just treat us all like we're drug addicts. They don't get it that it's really that severe.
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    Right there with you. We have had bad T-Storms the past two days and it causes so much pain that I could be pumped full of morphine and STILL HURT. It is beyond belief. I am not sure why weather causes this except this bug inhabits the ions between cells and I think the storms cause those cells to swell and thus, push on the nerves. Not sure, however. But, I can tell you that storms about kill me.

    Hang in there.
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    I was in terrible pain for the year before I found a LLMD. I asked him for a referral to a pain specialist, and he was appreciative. LLMDs have to tread carefully, or they lose their license. He sent me to a pain specialist who "gets it" that Lyme disease is real and causes real pain.

    Having the pain cared for was important in my healing process. I couldn't sleep, even with good sleep meds, before I got help with the pain, and my usual low blood pressure sky rocketed. I also couldn't think straight. It was called intractible pain, which means a person can't live long with that much pain. It's a health problem of it's own.

    It's important to get a doctor who believes you have real pain. I'm so thankful that my LLMD found a pain specialist who worked with me. Even then, I was under treated until I was sent to a sleep specialist. It was found that I wasn't sleeping well because I was under-medicated for pain.

    If the pain med is matched to the pain, and lowered as the pain eases, addiction doesn't happen--unless the patient has an addictive personality which shows up as a history of misusing drugs, alcohol, etc. Then, again, that may be the sign of someone trying to medicate themselves for pain. That's why it's important to find a good pain specialist--it's more complicated than a busy doctor can handle well in a lot of cases, and pain specialists are the experts.

    I was on serious pain meds for a couple of years. Then, as my treatment helped resolve the various infections and heavy metal issues, my pain started to recede. I always kept myself barely pain free, and could tell when I needed less, and so started backing down with the meds as the pain went down. I had no trouble at all getting off the meds, and went years without needing anything.

    Now, I'm on a new treatment plan, and have had more pain as I'm herxing again. So, I do take a little when needed, mainly at night for sleep.

    Every one is different. Even now, when I do have pain, arnica and other topical treatments don't help. Aspirin and other over the counter pain pills have never touched any pain I've ever had. So, it would be nice if you can get relief in the suggested ways, but if your pain can't be controlled that way, I suggest asking your doctor for help in finding someone he can refer you to.

    Be careful of those doctors who want you to sign something that promises you won't take pain meds. Some "pain specialists" try to just use psycological means to treat pain, and may prevent you from getting the help you may need. (Not saying that these doctors don't help some, just that they may prevent those who need heavy duty pain meds from getting them.) All pain specialists will have you sign an agreement, so good communication is important in finding out how you will be treated.

    I hope you find whatever you need to control your pain.
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    Is your doc a pain specialist? If not, perhaps you can find a good one. They often have a lot of things, besides opiates, which can help. I also suffer pain with changes in barometric pressure. I no longer use opiods but do take 800 mgs. of ibuprophen when the pain is bad. One thing which really helps is to soak in a very hot bath with at least a cup of Epsom salts in it. The magnesium in the ES really helps with the pain.

    Sending you healing hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I don't have anything more to add except I hope you find some relief. Sounds like you both have tried just about everything...

    only other thing I can add is this: my DH was a psychologist for many years who worked with many chronic pain pts. He found using deep trance/relaxation states with them helped pts with lowering the pain levels in addition to whatever other meds they were taking. That may sound kinda crazy, but it did help many.