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    Atovaquone Plus Cholestyramine in Patients Coinfected With Babesia

    Adv Ther. 2006 Jan-Feb;23(1):1-11. Related Articles, Links

    Atovaquone Plus Cholestyramine in Patients Coinfected With Babesia microti and Borrelia burgdorferi Refractory to Other Treatment.

    Shoemaker RC, Hudnell HK, House DE, Van Kempen A, Pakes GE.

    Center for Research on Biotoxin-Associated Illnesses Pocomoke City, Maryland.

    Ten percent of US patients with Lyme disease are coinfected with Babesia microti. A double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial enrolled 25 patients with confirmed Borrelia burgdorferi/B microti coinfection, abnormal visual contrast sensitivity (VCS), and persistent symptoms despite prior treatment with atovaquone and azithromycin.

    Patients were randomly assigned to atovaquone suspension or placebo plus cholestyramine for 3 weeks, were crossed over for 3 weeks, and then received open-label atovaquone and cholestyramine for 6 weeks.

    Symptoms and VCS scores were recorded at baseline and after weeks 3, 6, 9, and 12.

    Improvements in symptoms and VCS deficits were observed only after at least 9 weeks of treatment.

    At week 12, 5 patients were asymptomatic, and 16 had a notable reduction in the number of symptoms. The entire cohort demonstrated significant increases in VCS scores. Adverse effects were rare.

    Patients coinfected with B burgdorferi and B microti derive measurable clinical benefit from prolonged treatment with atovaquone and cholestyramine. Longer-term combination therapy may be indicated.

    PMID: 16644602 [PubMed - in process]

    very interesting - I will be taking this with when I take my son to the clinic this Thursday.

    (He has not had a confirmed dx of babesis, but has broken out in sweats for no reason so it is strongly suspected; he has just finished a month on meds for babesis to which he herxed a bit.)

    all the best,

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