Lyme Biofilm & Lumbrokinase

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    This is from lyme info at yahoo groups, thought it was interesting:

    The Allergy Research Group is an allergy oriented, hypoallergenic
    nutritional supplement company founded in 1979 by Stephen Levine, Ph.D.
    Some LymeInfo readers may already be aware of this company.

    They publish a newsletter titled Focus and the March 2009 issue has two
    articles which may be of particular interest.

    One is titled, "Dissolve Biofilms with Fibrinolytic Enzymes: One
    Nutritionist's Novel Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders".

    Here, a nutritionist believes biofilms play a huge role in Autism,
    Lupus, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and any autoimmune-type chronic
    infection. The use of fibrinolytics to help dissolve the fibrin in
    bacterial biofilms is discussed.

    The second is titled, "Two Doctors Report on the use of Lumbrokinase in
    Lyme Disease: This Enzyme Complex Helps Potentiate Antibiotics and

    Lumbrokinase is a group of six, novel proteolytic enzymes derived from the earthworm Lumbricus rubellas. This article talks about how Lumbrokinase may help break up the biofilms in patients who don't seem to improve on antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials alone.

    You can view both articles from this issue of Focus from the Allergy
    Research Group's website starting here:

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    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks much for posting this information. I've just recently started taking proteolitic enzymes and seem to be noticing a difference. But am interested in finding more in depth knowledge on various enzyme supplmemts, and of course, success stories associated with enzyme therapy as it pertains to Lyme.

    I think I'll go ahead and paste the two articles you mentioned below. Thanks again. :)


    — Gary Sconyers, N.D.: It’s Very Effective —

    I’m a naturopathic doctor in Texas who uses lumbrokinase in all my lyme patients. I give patients up to 10 lumbrokinase capsules a day, in divided doses, three times a day. I also use nattokinase, in amounts ranging from 250 to 500 milligrams a day. In our most difficult lyme cases, lumbrokinase seems to work the best. I also use carinvora, and herbal antimicrobials. I use herbs for liver detoxification. I recommend dietary changes. I had a lady in here who’d had lyme disease for twenty years. She had tried everything, and suffered from head to toe joint pain, brain fog and gut issues. She had gotten to the point where she’d given up. Now she is doing better than she has in decades.


    — Marty Ross, M.D.: I Use It in My Toughest Cases —

    I’m an integrative medicine doctor who set up and ran, as medical director, the nation’s first
    publicly funded integrative medicine clinic in Kent, Washington. My practice partner is Tara Brooke-Nelson, a naturopath with a degree from Bastyr University. Both of us are very interested in the idea of bacterial biofilms as one phenomenon that blocks the ability of some of our patients to get well.

    We are both using lumbrokinase to help break up the biofilms in patients who don’t seem to improve on antibiotics or herbal antimicrobials alone. I lean more in the direction of antibiotics for Lyme disease because they have more of a proven track record than herbs, but some of my patients prefer not to use conventional pharmaceuticals or just can’t tolerate them. In that case I use one or more of four herbal antimicrobials: cumanda, andrographis, teasel, and cat’s claw.

    I prescribe one 20 milligram pill of lumbrokinase two times a day. I recommend this for patients who have been stalled for a while on more straightforward treatment and are not improving. I generally start to see improvement once I add in the lumbrokinase. I will even see herxheimer reactions when we finally add it in.
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    Hi Kelly, keep us posted as to how you do!

    Thanks Wayne. I'm going to suggest to my son he try this, altho he's not taking anything right now. He's sick and tired of meds' effects and herxes. I/we thought he was holding his own, but he got another tick bite last week and took 7 days of doxy - got shin splints for 1st time in a year. He's in denial, thinks it's the abx; I think of course it IS the abx, but because it's causing a herx. Doxy was not something he was on during his 3.5 yrs of abx. He says he wants to go back to using the MMS again now that he's finished chelating (had a high load of a LOT of heavy metals). What happened to you using MMS? Did you ever work up to the 15 drops, or not?

    I have hardly been on since in Mexico, no internet access where I am, tho I'm working on it...

    all the best to y'all!

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    You might want to consider removing the doctors names from your post - particularly the MD. You are endangering their livelihoods by listing their names :)
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    Well, we more or less have to let our son decide at this point as he's 21. Plus it's harder when it's long distance to insist on things... but that's what his support system that is set up for him is for, thankfully.

    I'm near Patzcuaro, which in turn is near Morelia in the state of Michoacan. Yes it is much much cheaper to live here and no, we don't speak spanish. Many have worked in the US however, it's amazing how many do speak or at least understand english, and we are working on learning it as well. Altho it's hard enough for me with english word-finding! LOL...

    We are at about 7200' elevation so have cool nights always; right now is summer, hottest is 85 but dry, very dry until the rains start in June. I have to say I do NOT like hot/dry/dusty! When June & the rains come, the highs are about low 70s, nights in the 50s generally, gets cold enough for a fire at night in winter in November thru Feb. Altho actually our house has no air cond. or heating; we are going to put in a fireplace rather than a gas heater tho. This area looks amazingly like Georgia, red earth and oaks and pines........... and lots of avocado orchards!

    Too bad the lumbrokinase doesn't work on headaches... mine (sinus) have come back, I need to get back on my protocol (MP) but have had to wait to re-acclimate to the elevation after spending a couple months back in the states. Sigh. Add to that the flu and some other things going on... you know how that goes.

    Take care,

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    You have posted the name of the MD that I go to, and he has personally told me he does NOT want his name posted on the internet. He's trying to stay under the radar, so he can continue to treat Lyme without losing his license.

    Please remove the names of the Doctors, and just use initials or something. Thanks. :)
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    > >
    > >
    > > I have read several articles about research into
    > biofilms(
    > > many from doctors treating autism). It seems biofilms
    > can
    > > cause problems when trying to treat infections or
    > chelate
    > > heavy metals. I think many poeple that have been ill
    > for
    > > quite some time and are unresponsive to treatments
    > should
    > > consider testing the methylation pathway and work on
    > getting
    > > it to start functioning. Then at some point(not sure
    > when
    > > this time is) start treating the biofilms with the
    > protocols
    > > uaed in autistic children as described in several
    > articles
    > > using enzymes,EDTA or OSR,antibacterial/antifungal
    > > agents/lactoferin,binding agents charcoal,NAG,
    > chitosan, and
    > > chlorestermine?, and then repopulate the gut using
    > > s-boulardii and non lactic producing probiotics.
    > Lactic
    > > producing probiotics feed the biofilm. Once you start
    > > breaking down the biofim in the gut it will start
    > releasing
    > > the metals and allow the antibiotics/antifungals to
    > become
    > > more effective. Last we need to repopulate and
    > > provide the proper environment for the
    > beneficial bacteria
    > > to once again thrive. I have not done the testing by
    > Vitamin
    > > Diagnostics(I am wanting to have this done) but
    > several
    > > years ago Dr Cheney did a Genovations DetoxiGenomic
    > Profile
    > > and I know I become very toxic if I try any for of
    > chelation
    > > suggesting as the panel shows I have some genetic
    > mutations.
    > > I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences with
    > these
    > > protocols. Thanks
    > >
    > >