Lyme can be undetected in one vile, but show in another

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    I just watched Mystery Diagnosis where a teen was diagnosed with Lyme. The treating physician (after she had been to a few and told her pain was self inflicted or all in her head) said that one vile can end up not containing signs of Lyme, it is so that the Lyme have to be caught in a vile at the right time. He stated that many physicians are not aware of this.

    Just to mention how thruought he was; he sent viles for Lyme testing to 3 different labs at the same time.

    This means that we, if we display typical signs and are yet to be diagnosed- should be tested more than once by our physician.

    I found this informative and wanted to pass it on. Of course he also mentioned that Lyme testing can be tricky, but many times the cause was because of this reason.

    I hope I explained it so you understand, my brain is so pooped right now because of an oncoming migraine, just took and Imitrex and will lay down in bed.

    many fibro hugs
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    how do you spell vial, anyway, is it vile or vial?
    Yawn,,,just woke up,,LOL!

    Maybe this post was nothing new, but I'll bump it anyway,,

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