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    Thanks all for posting the information on Lyme, CFIDs & Fibro. Does anyone know of any of the symptoms that don't overlap? I know bells palsy and a bulls eyes rash is definately Lyme related but when I look at those lists as I am sure so many of us do I think we can fit ourselves into at least two diagnoses even the doctors do. When I see a Lyme doctor they suspect Lyme. When I see a CFID's or Fibro doctor they suspect one or the other. What is specific to each if anything else. Can we brainstorm this?
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    I'm new at this issue, and can only speak from my own experience. Just about every symptom I've had of CFIDS and FM overlap with Lyme symptoms. Extreme neurocognitive problems, debilitating fatigue, TMJ, pain, etc. Labs showing low hormones of every kind including thyroid, low NK cells, high RNase, just off the top of my foggy brain.

    Perhaps what doesn't overlap is light sensitivity, eye floaters, fibrin in veins, not sure what else, but will think about it.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere on the board, when I was recently diagnosed with Lyme after 5.5 yrs. of CFIDS/FM, I asked the DR (from FFC)..."does this mean I don't have CFIDS/FM?" She said, no, I have them all.

    What likely happened is that the Lyme was lurking for years, and the "sudden onset" of CFIDS/FM came with a health crisis followed by surgery. Like Stormyskye says, it's just about impossible to really sort it all out. Right now, I'm just trying to focus on what I can treat.

    Best wishes,

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