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    Hi everyone, I'm trying to keep my anxiety down while still waiting for Lyme diagnosis. I just had confirmation test done on band 31 and repeat of EBV, CD-57 tests along with some digestive tests. I wonder of my new LLMD is groping at straws. I brought him in all my test results including Ignex. He gave me some explanation about having negative IGM and weak positive IGG. HE said most Lyme people have some positive IGM results. I researched this and yes that part is true but DR. B says any type of positive on IGG especially on Lyme specific bands is significant. So I am thinking back to 6 years ago when I had several antibiotics for Hospital MRSA and others for surgery. I was on 5 weeks IV antibiotics and then 2 more weeks of oral. All different ones. Three months later I had H PYlori and took Biaxin and Flagyl for 2 weeks. I felt great, no Herx. Actually, no herx from any of them. Does this eliminate me from a Lyme Diagnosis? Thanks all and sorry to be so wordy but I am having trouble with writing lately. Happy Mother's Day, Jess
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    I do not herx much. That's because I took it slow when starting out on Abx. Just by taking 1/2 the dose and working my way up to the full dose.

    About a month ago, I stopped Abx to treat Valley Fever which I caught in Phoenix in Jan. I was off them for only 2 weeks so I figured once I got done with the Sporonox for VF I could just go right back to my old doses of Rifampin, Zithromax and Malarone. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!!

    I've had 13 operations and each time they give me IV Abx
    (for knee replacment and mitral valve prolapse.) I feel so great after getting IV Abx each time. It's like my mind is clear and I have energy. I always thought this effect was the steriods they must give in surgery. Now I think it's from IV Abx.