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    Im pretty new here at this site, i posted once before as id had really great results with some of the Dr Schulze detoxes last summer and make a 90% recovery. After I last wrote i was able to return to work full time and had 8 months of being almost completely better. However i had a full relapse in May and have now been to a lyme specialist and tested positive on the western blot with Igenex for both IGg and IGm antibodies. Im still reeling from the news myself and think it will take a while to sink in. I wanted to write this though as i think it cant be said enough that we need to be tested for these things just in case. I never thought Lyme applied to me after a negative initial Elisa test but I was wrong. it was the posts of others here and elsewhere that alerted me to the need for further testing. Thank you!!
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    Thank you for this post. It can't be repeated often enough that testing for lyme is importnat. My SIL just recently tested positive for lyme as well.

    There is a lyme board here too that may be helpful to you.

    Good luck in your recovery!!!

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    I never thought lyme could be the cause of my disease . I had been tested with negative results . I did know even ten years ago that the ELISA tests were useless
    diagnostically .

    I truly believe many , many people here have lyme also.
    My symtoms were primarily a fluish feeling and muscle aches and HORRIBLE fatigue ( with sore lymph nodes )
    for ten years . I had NO JOINT pain and NO bullseye rash . MOST PEOPLE WITH LYME DO NOT !

    Some other lyme symptoms that are VERY COMMON :
    numbness , tingling , or burning sensations on the skin
    Foot pain
    Flulike feeling - feeling like you have an infection
    muscle and nerve pain
    fatigue and weakness

    For those who have not has a western blot lyme test , look up Igenex Labs and get info . Your doc can get this done for you .

    If your results indicate two positive bands , then lyme is likely the cause of your CFIDS/ FM.

  4. victoria

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    all the other stealth pathogens... but also should be given trials of meds to see how you respond. The tests, even the Western Blot, are not all that reliable. Also, at least with Lyme, many chronic lymies don't show a positive until after receiving treatment for a while, as the spirochetes are pleomorphic (change shapes) and can hide in cells or cysts...

    I hope everyone will also take the time to at least sign the online petition to our federal representatives about the Lyme bill still in committee, and also hopefully write to your representatives. This is so important as the subject has become so highly politicized!

    I'm glad you found a good doctor, carolynjane!!!!

    all the best,

    PS: are you still juicing?

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