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    Hello. You might want to check out the article in the 8/25 Philadelphia Inquirer on writer Amy Tan. Please do a google search, then search for it before the next few days otherwise there is a search fee.

    Novelist Tan writes of her despair with the medical system & all the docs & tests that could not help her with her struggles with Lyme disease. Sounds all too familiar.

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    It is amazing that doctors tested her for syphilis & Lou Gherig's (ALS) before even considering Lyme.

    Part of the article reads:

    Tan says she is "not terribly angry with any of my doctors" for having missed her diagnosis, though the roster included her primary-care physician, an endocrinologist, a sleep-disorder specialist, two neurologists, a cardiologist and an orthopedic surgeon. "They were doing the best they could."

    "I'm angry at the California Medical Association," she says, "because they have a board policy that recommends that all Lyme disease patients be treated with 10 days' antibiotics. I'm angry that they perpetuate the myth that it's rare, easily tested, and easy to treat.

    "I'm mad at insurance policies... . I'm a typical long-term Lyme patient who's seen a lot of doctors and had a lot of expensive tests done," Tan says. While she could afford to spend more than $50,000 on diagnostic tests before learning what was ailing her, "I'm luckier than most - there are many who have it far worse than I do."

    All of us who pay of part or all of our medications, tests & insurance cannot go through this. Even those who can afford to cannot afford all the frustration & doubt caused by the medical profession. Phooey!

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    ...that Amy Tan struggled with Lyme disease. She's an incredible writer and has been one of my inspirations. I wish her the best.