lyme disease / bells palsy???

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    did anyone watch the Dr.'s yesterday? They were discussing lyme disease and said that some people that don't catch it early may end up with one sided facial paralysis also known as bell's palsy.

    Has anyone had Bell's Palsy??? I have!!! When I was 15 and lived in Florida I got it. It totally freaked my mom out. She thought I had a stroke. The whole left side of my face was drooping. I only noticed it bc a friend and I were trying to whistle at a cute boy in the hallway at school. I had always been able to whistle and just couldn't do it anymore!!! I showed my mom how my mouth refused to pucker on my left side and she immediately took me to the ER. It was then that they dx'd me with Bell's Palsy and started me on a round of steroids!! No antibiotics??? I don't recall being bitten by a tic or having any other problems but now 20 years later I'm a mess and have to wonder do I have lyme???

    Thanks!! Angela
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    very possible that you have lyme....many people with FMS or CFS do and don't know the symptom checklist in the back of this good booklet...

    more great info from a lyme expert.....

    you can read some of my posts on the lyme board.

    I also recommend going to on flash on the Medical Questions board....sign up for free like you did here....then post a new topic asking for your symptoms and history....many people there who had FMS or CFS or MS diagnoses for years..and it is a very active board with lots of intelligent people.

    I'm going away for a few days if you have questions...i'll be back Monday. You can leave a post for me on the lyme board if you want.