Lyme disease/fibro/cfs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sissy123, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Sissy123

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    I was just wondering today after watching discovery channel about Lyme, that I dont think I have ever been tested for the DD. I have many of the symptoms that have been mentioned on the site, and what a timely manner it is. I was coming here just to ask the question and saw that some of you are asking the same thing. I will ask my doc to test me. The spinal tap is no biggy, because I already get epidurals in my neck, triggers...Have had my spinal fluid spilled out twice, Spinal headaches are a real B----!!! It just seems to make since to me. My home is surrounded by a heavily wooded area and I have always lived in the country and ticks are just part of it. My brother was dx with it after he got "the flu" and couldnt move his neck about 2 weeks later. I really wonder. I mushroom hunt, hike in the creek, go fishing...if there isnt mud involved my husband isnt much into it! Anyway thanks for being on the same page as me. Sis
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    Sis, I have chronic Lyme and i just was looking through this site and saw your post. It would be a good idea to get tested. Spinal taps are not very accurate for lyme though. If you go to, there are some articles on the tests and also a discussion board like this if you have questions. The tests can be pretty unreliable so you have to have the right ones done and some labs are much better than others. Good luck. Lisa
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    Thanks for the info. I will check out the site now. Sis
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    I started the original thread on this because I live
    in CT and have never been tested!!!

    I got some drs's names from Lymenet.
    One thing that everyone has STRESSED is
    that you need to see a doctor who is lyme literate.
    I didn't realized how complicated Lyme Is -
    just like FMS. I just found out last week that you
    don't have to remember a tick bite or have
    that rash that is always stressed so much!

    I really like the lymenet site. I have only posted
    for dr. info but I have read it and corresponded via
    email with some very helpful people.

  5. Applyn59

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    Thanks for the info. I love Lymenet site. Everyone
    is great!

    I have downloaded so much to my computer I think
    I better start printing. I don't want to make myself
    a nervous wreck over this, but it does seem quite
    possible that I could have it after all I have read.
    I can't believe I didn't know you could have Lyme
    without rash, etc! I am very much into research
    and know lots about most of my conditions. I LIVE
    in CT, yet I always thought you had to have that
    tick in your body and see a bull's eye rash.
    I also am angry that some of the dr's I have been to
    never recommended testing. THEY should at
    least know this- especially if they "specialists"
    in Fibro, RA, etc. I only thought about Lyme after
    corresponding with someone about hepatitis.
    She said I HAD to be tested for Lyme. If if were
    not for her, I would not have thought of it.
    Thanks so much for your help.
    Take Care,