lyme disease in UK or South Africa?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by JoFMS, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. JoFMS

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    I usually post on the cfs/fibro board.

    There have been lots of posts on there lately about lyme and I am just owndering if lyme exists in UK or South Africa?

    I lived in UK all my life up until 3 yrs ago when I moved to South Africa. I had fibromylagia previously before coming out here.

    So I just wonder? There isn't a test that I am aware of for lyme here and I don't know how to get tested whilst living in South Africa as there's no chance of any doctor doing more tests on me - they just tell me there's nothing physically wrong and send me to a psychologist.

    I do also have mercury poisoning but I'd like to rule lyme out.

  2. buttercakes

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    Gosh, I dont really know what to tell you about getting tested, Most of us Lymies go through Igenex Labs In California, you could call them to see if they have any suggestions for you 800-832-3200 or Igenex .com. I read your profile, sounds like you take really good care of your
    self. If I were you I'd seek out testing and treatment. Soooo many of us Lymies were diagnosed with FM and CFS only to find out later that it was Lyme all along. I wish you the best of luck and will be glad to answer any questions for you. Sorry I cant help you more, by the way, cute Monkey. Sandie
  3. Bluebottle

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    Yes, Lyme definitely exists in the UK, I have it. We have both sheep & deer that carry ticks that can spread Lyme.The UK NHS test gives 70% false negatives and is useless.

    I've just been diagnosed with Lyme and cryptostrongylus pulmoni ( microscopic worms - yuk! that can be carried by the same tick) after 20 years being housebound with a diagnosis of M.E. & fibromyalgia.

    How did you get mercury poisoning? Is it from our ghastly British dentistry? I have mouth full of amalgam fillings.

    My diagnosis was by a postal thumb prick blood slide from the Fatigue Clinic in Bolton that I had to send back using a guaranteed next day delivery.
  4. FloraToadfoot

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    did you ever get tested for Lyme here in South Africa? I tested positive in Feb 2010 and keen to communicate with others in SA to raise the level of awareness.

    Pam Thomson'
  5. KeithR

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    Pam ( and anyone else with an interest inLyme's in South Africa

    Please contact me, I am a chronic Lyme Disease sufferer (had Lyme's for 45 years now) - initially on

  6. Scarlet2012

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    Hi Pam,
    I read your post on another website (travel) and followed it here as well. I am also interested to communicate with other Lyme disease sufferers is SA. The disease is not recognised to exist in SA officially. This creates problems for people being tested and treated, as they are just dismissed as hypochondriacs.

    I would like to ask you for the name of the doctor who diagnosed you and treats you - this is a quest of its own to find such a doctor in SA.


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  7. nnh

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    Hi Scarlet,

    Did you find someone to help you get tested for Lyme in SA? If you did can you give me the name as well?

    Thank you!

  8. nnh

    nnh New Member

    Do you know a doctor that will do tests for Lyme disease in South Africa?

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