Lyme Disease Mention on Young and Restless Today

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    Not sure if any of you watch the show but one of the main characters hadn't been feeling well, as with the show a lot goes on , but her son ask her if she had been tested for lyme, of course she hadn't but they had put her on an antibiotic for something else and she had began to feel better. Well sure wish the real world was like the soap opera. The test was ordered and within a couple of hours sure enough she tested positive for lyme .. and was told that the antibiotic should take care of it and of course all were happy.

    Just wondering if someone contected with the show had gone through this and did test positive for lyme is why this was mentioned.

    See what I do with my time, but this is the only soap I watch but the way I have been feeling lately this may be my daily entertainment is more soaps.

    God Bless,
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    I'm sure the character will be one hundred percent cured in no time, too.

    Although it is wonderful that it got a mention, they never portray diseases realistically. I go crazy with how they have portrayed AIDS on GH. Robin is like the miracle AIDS patient who never, ever got sick in like twenty years. Or all the times they've done heart problem shows and the patient is just fine in like three days after surgery. Soaps are just not realistic. OLTL seems to have completely forgotten that Marty has Lupus. They even let her drink like a fish and party like crazy. It just drives me completely nuts.
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    Being that it is a soap opera, my real life story of being misdiagnosed for 21 years with FM and then having to do all the research myself to discover I have lyme, would have been alot more believable.

    It is a disservice for them to let people think that diagnosing and treating lyme is that easy.
  4. I did see that and was surprised, my dr did a lyme test, but I don't think she did the right kind or sent it to the right lab?
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    A western blot IgG and IgM, test #188 and #189 should be done through Igenex lab in CA...cost $200.

    I also replied to you on the lyme board.
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  6. thanks but how do u get the drs to do this, u know they don't like to be TOLD what to do to.
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    Hi fibrobutterfly,

    I would print out the experts lyme disease info that contains a good symptom checklist....fill out the checklist and take it with all the info so you will be knowledgable....then tell the Dr that you want to have this test done and you are paying for it, and it is your choice......and you MUST INSIST since 99% of the time they will tell you that you don't need it and you don't have lyme.

    They will tell you that they can order a test through the regular lab...don't waste your time or money on that and it will likely be negative. Lyme screens/titers/ELISA tests miss about 75% of cases of lyme.

    Western blot from those other labs do not test for all bands. They only test for 10 IgG and 3 IgM bands. This is very inaccurate and flawed because they leave out some very important species specific bands that indicate lyme.

    Those labs also only include a few species of Borrrelia bacteria in their testing methods. There are 100 species in the US. The chance of missing the species you may have been exposed to is great.

    Igenex tests for all bands....14 IgG and 14 IgM bands. They also include many species of Borrelia in their testing methods. They are a reference lab specializing in testing for tick-borne diseases.

    So, first, educate yourself, so you will know what to say when the Dr tells you that you don't need the Igenex western blot and you don't have lyme.

    Then take the info to him, show him all your symptoms on the list. Still expect him to be skeptical because 99% of Dr's simply are not edcated about lyme.

    50% of people never remember a tick bite or a rash. Dr's depend on those things to recognize lyme. It happens all the time.

    Someone gets bitten, gets a flu-like illness which they think is a virus. It resolves and then later they develop other symptoms as the bacteria disseminates throughout the body.

    The most common symptoms are fatigue, pain syndromes and sleep disturbances....but there are many possible symptoms, like muscle twitching, tremors, headaches and sound and light many more.

    Lyme can present in different ways depending on the path it takes in the CNS, which it primarily affects.

    A person can present with a FMS, a CFS, like MS, RA, lupus, Parkinsons, ALzheimers, ADHD, autism, psychiatric disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, and other illnesses.

    Here is some great info with symptom checklists in the first 2 sources...... (take this one with you) (also has a very comprehensive symptom checklist)

    Good luck!
  8. WOW I have 31 symptoms! Of course alot are related to old age. The worst part for me is PAIN and I started tremors which drives me crazy!
    Thanks for the info.

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