Lyme Disease Often Misdiagnosed as Psychiatric Illness

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    Lyme Disease Often Misdiagnosed as Psychiatric Illness
    Health Day News
    Oct 30, 2005

    Adults with chronic Lyme disease often display mood swings that can be misdiagnosed as psychiatric illness, causing delays in treatment for this debilitating condition, a new study found. On average, researchers say the average patient with chronic Lyme disease waits more than a year before receiving a proper diagnosis.

    The four-year study, conducted by a team from Columbia University, New York, also found that over three-quarters of female Lyme disease patients, and about one-quarter of males, suffer from significant pain and disability linked to infection with the tick-borne illness.

    "While much is known about early Lyme disease, very little is known about chronic Lyme disease, despite its rising prevalence and disabling effects," lead researcher Dr. Brian Fallon said in a prepared statement. The findings were presented Saturday at the annual Lyme Conference in

    In another study presented at the conference, researcher Dr. Daniel Cameron, director of First Medical Associates in Mt. Kisco, New York, found that the average quality of life for patients with chronic Lyme disease falls below that of patients with other chronic conditions such as heart failure. Re-treatment with the antibiotic amoxicillin can help ease patients' symptoms, however.