Lyme Disease on Discovery Channel 4/29 6pm

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    From Dr. Lesley Fein:

    Subject: Mystery Diagnosis tomorrow night at 10pm on Discovery Health Channel

    One of my patients will be featured in this program. he had chronic neurological manifestations and was unable to work. After treatment, he is back at work at UBS putting in 12-14 hours a day. It will address SPECT scans, seronegative testing, political perspectives and diagnosis and treatment perspectives.

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    I'll take notes and post something for those that don't get this channel.
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    Hi mezombie!

    Are you seeing Dr. Fein? She really seemed knowledgeable, you're lucky if you are... you don't say in your bio if you have Lyme tho?

    For those who missed it, it is going to replay 1 AM EDT tomorrow (Tues) AM... and again at 6 pm next Sunday 4/29; the segment is the second half.

    He had some very puzzling symptoms that didn't seem to relate, fatigue, headaches, memory deficits, stabbing heart pains - symptoms kept getting worse as time went by ... as usual almost all his tests came up normal or not skewed enough or abnormal enough in order to come up with any diagnoses, he wasn't even dx'd with CFIDS or FM.

    He was really lucky to run into a friend who referred him to Dr. Fein, altho it seemed to take a while for enough concrete symptoms to show up or for someone to put 2 + 2 together... but I think it's weird that nobody noticed the red bump apparently still on his head that was still in bulls-eye rash formation too when she examined him- especially since he lived in NJ!

    She ran a SPECT scan, showed his brain was inflamed, I'm not quite sure if any blood tests done by her showed up as positive, or if she did, what ones she did perform; he did have lyme tests done before that showed up negative tho. (common!)

    I seem to remember Mystery Dx doing another segment a while ago on a teenage girl whose dx was also missed until she ran into someone at school who'd had lyme and recognized her symptoms.

    It was a fairly good presentation at least that Lyme can appear in mysterious ways and in ways that don't seem related at least.

    He did 6 months of IV abx, and 12 months of oral abx, and says he is back to 100% now (3 years later). He was 28 when he became ill.

    all the best,
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    My husband and I watched the show. I realize everyone is different but we couldn't believe he was ready give up the doctor dance after ONLY 5-6 months of illness. My husband now gives me a huge amount of credit for hanging in there.

    He was extremely lucky to bump into an old friend who knew about his illness and more importantly where to find a good doctor. I've read that quite a few Lyme patients diagnose other Lyme patients because they recognize the symptoms.

    It took me 6.5 years and about $100K from the tick bite (2001) and rash to get a diagnosis of Lyme. I got one misdiagnosis after another (CF, FM, sarcoidosis, and possible polycythemia vera.) My bone marrow is abnormal but the cause of that has not been found.

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    I replied to you on the CFS/FM board