Lyme disease test and falsepositive

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    So, my doctor did the Lyme antibody screen (ELISA). He said that if it came back positive, they would then run the test via western blot. Well, it did come back positive, however, the western blot was negative. So, my question is, what kinds of things could cause a false positive like that?

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    Elisa is supposed to be less reliable than Western Blot... but Western Blot is not 100% accurate either.

    Lyme spirochetes can disappear from blood stream (as they can change form and enter blood/tissue cells &/or form cysts to hide out) and so therefore may not show up in different blood samples... so it MAY not be a false positive, you MAY actually have it.

    Doctors are supposed to be treating based on a 'clinical picture', not on blood tests alone... so you might want to find a LLMD who will evaluate you overall. Ilads is a good non-profit website to start educating yourself at, by the way.

    hope this helps! I know how confusing it can be!

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    Hello Victoria,
    I left you a Post on the 14th that I believe you haven't
    seen yet. It refers to CFS "Yuppy Flu" amd the Incline
    Village, CDC study. Did they determine at that time that
    a connection with Lyme disease? I've been confused about
    my facts for years. A little help here?? I know you are
    so intelligent and knowledgable!!

    Thanks Much!!
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    My understanding of Lyme testing is that there are many many false negatives for the reasons that Victoria stated. Some drs take many viles of blood and send them to different labs to see if any show up positive.

    I believe if you had a positive, you probly have Lyme. I agree with Victoria that you should try to find a dr who will evaluate you clinically.

    Good Luck!! My twin sis has Lyme and is feeling better. She has been in treatment since Jan.
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    I agree with what the other ladies said. 100%.