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    I have the requisition form from MDL lab. I am going to be tested for Lymes disease. There are so many tests on here for it, which one is the most accurate? There are also panels for it also. Which one/s do you test for? I am just confused and my doctor doesn't know much about Lymes disease. Thanks.
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    Igenex, most docs that specialise in Lyme realize it is the most accurate. Others can miss 50 percent of Lyme.
    All you need is the western blot. Go the igenex web site and they will mail you a test kit. Do not mess with the PCR testing. Just IgG and IgM western blot.
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    How much is this test at Igenex? This lab does not accept insurance and I have to pay out of pocket. MDL lab accepts insurance. Has anyone had good results with this lab?Getting reimbursed is a pain with my insurance co. I am also getting tested for mycoplasma and could do both at this lab.
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    I want to say roughly it is around 180 bucks or so. My insurance reimbursed me for the test.
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    the LLDM (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) that i went to used both MDL and Igenex.

    i think that the Igenex is the most sensitive.

    In the MDL there is a panel i think that does all tick born diseases they do a PCR test, an antibody and a Western Blot.

    since MDL is covered by insurance why not have both done.

    if only one, then probably the Igenex.

    look at the MDL website, they have a panel that tests for all the tick stuff. they also have a panel that tests for all the CFS stuff too

    Chlamydia Pnuemoniae

    and a couple of other things. i think it is called an Immuno panel or immunodefiency panel. also covered by insurance.

    update: i just went to the site and the test panels are called:

    tick borne disease panel Serology/PCR


    immune compromised panel serology/PCR

    i think you want the Serology and PCR because that gives you both the antibody tests and DNA tests.

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