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    From the National Capital Lyme Disease Association:

    Kathy Fowler, the health reporter for [Washington, DC] ABC affiliate WJLA, Ch. 7, will be doing a health segment on Lyme disease Thursday evening. She said that this segment will be scratching the surface as it is extremely difficult to condense this subject into 3 minutes. This report will focus on the silent lyme wars taking place within the medical community and how the patients are caught in the middle. She mentioned that if there is enough interest generated that perhaps she will be able to do a series on lyme. As you know from our prior message, Kathy Fowler and a WJLA crew will be at our October support group meeting to tape some segments.

    This show can be watched live on the internet at Her segment begins around 5:40 or so, but you may want to tune in earlier. If you are not able to watch it live then you can watch the show archived ...which should be up around 6:00 or so

    It would be very helpful to have a large audience for her report, so we should encourage all to write to the station and thank them for bringing the lyme controversy out in the open. This is a local channel but reaches many influential people in our capitol. It has been suggested to include phrases such as (it's about time) or (only touched the surface)......(please continue, there is so much more.) And then if you wanted to add some bullets of advice on what else needs to be addressed that would be good also. Try to keep it grateful, sincere, and short and to the point they will be sure to read it. We want to encourage these reporters and their editors, that the lyme epidemic is a serious problem and not just the imagined illness of a few.

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    I will have to write letters... wonder if any of the legislators will watch... wonder if Prez Bush will watch!

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    Did you see it?

    I have to be careful about TV, computer, etc. My head literally hurts every time I'm on the board!

    A lot of people will appreciate it if you write the station. It looks like the reporter, Kathy Fowler, is very interested in following up and needs support from her editor.
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    It was a well-balanced piece, I will try to go back and register & leave a comment... I'm glad they gave the other websites and didn't let the IDSA run roughshod over the reporting!