lyme disease ..use of Anitibiotics

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    Need to know the concern or info on the use of antibiotics for a long peroid of time ? .. My girlfriend has been on them for 4 years this June 2011 ..for treament of Lyme disease (Chronic). Good or bad?... what are the concerns of going off them ?? .. or staying on them... ??? Protocols?... We are getting worried >> We unfortunately live in Canada ... we are so uninformed >>> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..
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    I also have chronic lyme and take long term antibiotics. I have not had any problems and take lots of probiotics and other supplements.

    My best advice is this....

    Go to on flash discussion....sign up for on the Medical Questions posts and post your own questions. is a large lyme community and a fast moving board with lots of very intelligent people who will help.

    They have other boards also for lyme....General Support, Seeking a Doctor, Activism, etc.

    There are some other people on from Canada, so you may be able to help each other with info too.

    You say you are uninformed. I am going to give you some important information...

    This first link is the "Bible" of Lyme treatment written by an ILADS trained LLMD:

    I will see you on where I am Dekrator48!