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    Can anyone tell me from their own personal experience what their symptoms of Lyme Disease are? I have had MS ruled out and am i the beginning stages of looking into Lyme Disease. Thanks to some helpful folks here on the board I have been given some very useful information. Thanks for all responses.

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    that's why it's so hard to diagnose!

    For my son, he had onset of anxiety and depression, made it impossible for him to stay in high school, and he responded paradoxically to all psychotropics... was also sleeping a lot, but a lot of teens do...

    Last winter he dropped out and went for his GED but at same time he started to get all kinds of weird aches and pains that moved around, plus has carpal tunnel in both hands, all fingers go numb including his arms at times, etc.... dropped 10# which he couuld ill afford... low pulse and BP.

    Many of these physical symptoms are what I've suffered from.

    Internist agreed the low BP/pulse was not normal nor the weight loss but didn't know what to do with him since all the regular blood tests came back 'normal'...

    I figured it was Lyme after my own response to Marshall Protocol and the fact that so many with CF/FM have been dx'd with Lyme or related tick disease... and he spent so much time out in the woods growing up as we live in the middle of 40 acres...

    so took him to best LLMD (Lyme literate MD) that I could find, 2 states away... his blood tests came up totally positive, showing active as well as changes that occur after having disease for at least 2 years.

    He has now been on abx for about 6 months...

    His getting better is still a work in progress tho, it can take a while when one has had it a long time, altho he is slowly showing improvement.

    Hope this helps! I strongly suggest you check out, that site has lots of info and links.

    (And no I have not been formally tested myself as we lack health insurance, testing for him alone has already cost us a bundle, but, he's our kid!)

    All the best,

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    Hi Coobax! Please check my new post "I have been diagnosed with 3 New Coinfections" or just search under my name hppeandme it may shed some light for you.

    Good Luck!
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    Not sure what I have, however they say it is lyme even though I never tested positive. I pretty much have had everything on the list above with the exception of the women things and facial paralysis, at one time or another. The bulls eye rash I may have had and mistaked for ringworm. If memory serves me correct I had ringworm shorly after camping trip to the Edisto River in the sandhills of SC back in 90.

    First symptoms for me were anxiety, depression and swollen lymph nodes in groin area. Soon after leg pain, muscle and joints. Pain at that time was every other day, now it is 24/7. Next came the frequant illness, 24 and 48 hour flus, sore throats and skin/nail problems.

    In June 2003, I got sick 3 times in three weeks with flu-like illness, I pretty much never recovered from the last.
    I feel flu like all the time even though temp is rarly over 97. I have this foggy lightheaded feeling every minute of every day. I feel stoned or in a weird dream, My skin burns yet I feel cold and even though I am cold, I sweat. I have high blood pressure, high colesterol yet I am only 37 and not overweight. I am fatigued and have a constant buzzing sensation throughout body. Even though I get several hours of sleep each night, I frequantly wake and in the morning I am very dizzy getting out of bed, It feels like I have not slept at all. I have had all sorts of gastro problems, the worst being acid reflux. I get irratated real easy and cant even do simple math word problems. It is total confusion.

    This is me every day, other symptoms come and go daily.

    I did test pos. to babesia. Also pos on EBV, CMV, HHV-6, ANA.

    Good luck in your search and dont let it get you down.

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