Lyme Disease?????

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    I have loads of questions about Lyme. Can you get it in Florida? from dog ticks?

    What are the symptoms?

    What is the protocol to get better?

    I have been feeling very bad lately, with headaches, more dizziness and fatigued. Yes, this also sounds like my CFS and MPS but since my dogs came in with quite a few ticks this spring, I'm wondering. I did not see a rash or the actual tick on me, but what if one got into my hair or head? Is that possible?

    I'm going to ask my doctor this week to run a Lyme blood panel. He'll probably think I'm nuts--but you never know.

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    Make sure the blood test is ordered from Igenix. It is more accurate. You can start out with the standard Western Blot test which your insurance will pay for. Lyme has many of the same symptoms as FM, and CFS. It is cured with antibiotics. You don't have to have a rash to have it. Good luck and keep me posted. Also go into the Lyme section on this website. It posts many of the symptoms.

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    I had a tick embedded in me about 6 weeks ago, had a regular scheldules appointment with my Dr. a few days later, she told me to watch for rash, although not everyon gets that and fever for 30 days. My husband a deer tick embedded in his stomach last night.

    One of my lymes disease tests came back positive that I had the disease but did not have it at the time of the test. Showed a large anti-body count. What I read on the net there is no full proof lymes test, to many false positives and neg. In fact there was an article in our paper recently saying the same thing. The Dr. have to rely on symtons.

    Yes you can have a tick bite and not know it, after they are full they fall off you. Do a search on lymes, I read the fever is a first sign.

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    for Lyme once again. THe western blot one. THe others that I have had done always came back negative. Should have the results back in a few days. Also had a bunch of other tests done like, electrolytes, thyroid, etc. I just hope something comes back with an answer. I did get dx with FM a few months ago. Oh, also had a cervical spine x-ray done too.

    I should know in the next few days what the results are.

    I think it is quite possible to get bitten by a tick an never see the rash and get lyme. THat happened to my old supervisor. She was sick for quite a while, had to be out on dis. twice, and I think she also had to do the IV antibiotics.

    Good luck and let us know if you find anything out.

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    There is no way to tell from a test whether you "had" lyme or whether you still have it (despite what the doc may say) -- if you show antibodies, you have been exposed. Unless you were treated appropriately, the bacteria are still with you! Lyme doesn't go away on its own, though it can become asymptomatic for a while....

    Many folks who have CFS/FMS diagnoses actually have Lyme. Late stage lyme is generally treated with high dose, long term abx -- it doesn't "cure" it, but it can reduce the bacterial load to the point that your immune system can take over.

    Not everyone gets a rash, or a fever -- or remembers a tick bite, for that matter. Ticks also carry several other nasty infections besides lyme, too.
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    This is what my Dr. said the lymes tests are inclusive and although I showed a high anti-body count she was not sure the test was right. She did want me to take a/b's for a month but I opted not too, my reactions to meds are worse than problems are. I have been tested so often, you know the routine you go to a new DR. and it is lymes tests, lupus etc, all my tests came back neg.

    I have a friend that has lymes and it becomes active at times, she is very sick during this time plus her joints swell, usually ends up in the hospital and than home with a iv of a/b's.

    I agree some are dxed with fm that have lymes but I think they could have fm and not lymes also, since their is no conculsive test how can they prove either.

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    I would highly recommend you go to and read their information and also check out their links. It is also known it takes 28 days for it to replicate. It is well known that the lyme spirochete can hide out in the body.inside cells and inside cysts.

    Because tests have such a high rate of unreliability, LLMDs treat people based on the clinical picture with a trial of abx for at least a couple of months. If you react badly to abx, you may actually be herxing - not saying you're not allergic to some necessarily, maybe not just all.

    Many who are being treated based on clinical symptoms do not show a positive on the Western Blot until after being treated with abx for a while.

    In the end, it is unfortunately up to us all too often to investigate and read information... unfortunately that's been my experience all too often.

    If I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten my son correctly diagnosed with Lyme (his test results etc met CDC standards plus clinical symptoms, yet our local doctor had no idea what to do with him when the regular lab work came back as all 'normal').

    It is estimated the 'average' chronic lyme pt spends $65K trying to find out what is wrong.

    all the best,

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