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  1. coon32185

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    Has anyone on this site beat lyme disease? I hope someone.
  2. victoria

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    Most here have been diagnosed fairly recently... and it can take a few years to beat it down. Many do see improvements after a few months (or more, depending) tho.

    The longer one's had it/had symptoms, the longer it takes. And it seems to be likely that if one has had it a long time, one may never actually totally get rid of it, but just keep it in submission/remission. I know some LLMDs suggest even taking a course of abx 1X/year just to keep it down even if one's not experiencing obvious symptoms. And I've read stories of people who get better for a period of a few years and then relapse.

    My son was dx'd (CDC+ 2X) in 2005 and is still not in remission, tho he HAS improved. We realize now that he was ill at least for 5+ years before. It seems tho as the lyme gets beaten down, other things come to light... it became apparent he had babesiosis and bartonella too. He's also done Ritchie Shoemaker's protocol with the cholestyramine which seemed to help. We suddenly also found he has a heavy metal load, and where he got it we have no idea.... so now he's chelating. After that, we'll see.

    I tend to call it Lyme & Co - as most have co-infections, both viral and bacterial, not just lyme alone.

    You might try reading
    for success stories, as it has been in existence far longer than most here have been in treatment.

    I hope that helps, altho that's maybe not the answer you're hoping for. This can be a very difficult thing to deal with unfortunately.

    all the best,

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    From what I've heard, having a heavy metal load means you did a good job killing off Lymes, as they give off heavy metals when they die. Good that your son is chelating now.
  4. victoria

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    Thanks, that's interesting and not surprising really I guess. Somehow I missed that info.

    - but I still find it weird ALL the stuff he showed up with. My DH had one done at the same time and came up completely different. We've been in the same house since just before my son was born till this past summer, so I cannot figure this out! Maybe it's genetics combined with whatever 'bugs' one has?

    all the best,

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    Help me, how do you know if you have the heavy metal load and need to chelate?? I just started with the antiboitics a month ago, I had bad die off at first but I think I have gotten through that now.

  6. Renae610

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    If you had a big Lyme die-off, you may have heavy metals. There may be various ways to test this:
    (1) A member of this site named Mollystwin said she had a hair analysis test done to detect metals and had her dental amalgams removed before chelating.
    (2) My daughter used an alternative method, EDS testing, which found heavy metals.
    (3) An article on this site by Dr. Blake Graham, 11-11-07, stated that he uses MelisaR metal reactivity test ( to assess sensitivity to heavy metals. He also uses provoked urine testing using IV DMPS and EDTA [chelating drugs that bind to certain metals and “pull them out of the body” via the urine].

    There are likely more ways...
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    Please excuse us for getting off-topic.

    There's a thread going by Daisys in which she is making progress, and CherylSue posted and she is doing much better, even employed. Others have made progress. So there is hope. But you have to get a clear diagnosis of your condition and treat specific to that.

    Best wishes,