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    I am new to this message board but not new to "fibromyalgia" having suffered for many years. A few weeks ago I had occasion to read an article about neurotoxins by Patti schmidt on the web site for immunesupport which article explains the work of Dr Richie Shoemaker and Dr Kenneth Hudnell. These two researchers have developed what they term"neurotoxic illnesses" some are sick building syndrome;chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; and Lyme disease. Since over the years --30 or so-- I have searched in vain for a cure-- a treatment -- a cause of this mysterious ailment. From Dr Shoemaker's website about chronicneurotoxins I found the name of a nearby Doctor who is knowledgeable about Lyme disease. When I visited said Doctor in July he stated that about 90% of the patients he sees who have been treated-- (or mis-treated) for fibromyalgia have tested positive for Lyme disease!!
    I have just received my results.: positive. My doctor uses the Western Blot test which he says is the best one available and he is quite particular about the laboratory he uses. For the first time in years I feel some progress is being made to treat my disease shich is not fibromyalgia if such an ailment even exists! It's Lyme disease. I will see this doctor next week to start treatment and hopefully will finally see and end to this heinous disease. will keep you posted. MaBear
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    Hi, I have thought for a long time that I have Lyme disease but the tests in Canada came back negative. I even had bull's eye rashes on my legs. They say that the deer tick that causes lyme disease is not in the location in Saskatchewan where I was bitten. Somehow, I still feel that I came down with the symptoms of Lyme disease, but from a mosquito.
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    Like you I have been sick for years and it turns out I have/had Lyme disease. What isn't clear is if I still have the active infection or Post lyme. Also it's possible I have C.F.S and Lyme. It's hard to tell where one begins and another ends! I am concerned about the message above where the person says they had bulls eye rashes but their Dr says they don't have Lyme. They do! I will try and get a message to them.
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    Thanks for the info about the web sites I will not do that again. I took the computer test on Dr. shoemaker's web site and tested positive. I found a list of all the docs who use his protocol and testing methods for the whole US. there are only 27 so far.I would urge you to take the first test! Ma Bear
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    a few months ago i had pulled 4 ticks off me and didn't think anything of it... then i got to feeling really crappy... i always feel crappy because of the fibro.. but this was extra "special" i went to the doctor and they took blood and tested it... i was thinking lyme too... never thinking rmsf at all... well sure enough thats what i had...... she treated me with antibiotics for 30 days and retested.... i also go into my gastro. every 8 weeks for remicade infusions... well haveing tested positive put that on's been along hot summer and being sick didn't make it much better ya know... on my way to getting all better.. hope everyone else is also ... take care elizabeth
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    Hi Nink-- I will be happy to see if there are any docs names in Ind. Will go back on the web site-- I too was a bit put off by the req. for $ but after reading Desperation Medicine --I understand. Research takes $ and no drug co is going to fund Dr. Shoemaker because they will not make bucks-- so I guess he figured this is a way? the web site was worth my $ after all these years of no help from other physicians.MaBear