Lyme Doctor apt. today...I'm scared

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ajp, May 9, 2006.

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    I have my appointment this afternoon with a Lyme doctor and I am scared to death. I really don't know why...well...maybe he can't help me...maybe he will think I am nuts....I am thinking that right now I am having a panic attack.

    I wrote all my history out and all my questions, but I am afraid he won't listen or I won't be able to talk about it intelligently and sound like a fool. Also he is a man and I have not seen a male doctor in such a long time.

    I wish I could take someone with me, but my hubby has not been the most supportive of people, thinks I am looking for a deisease...nice huh? So I really can't count on him for any support.

    Oh well, Thanks for listening. I will get through it and let you know how I make out. I keep telling myself I can do it...I can do it.


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    You'll get thur it, and do fine.
    I just did my first appointment a week ago today!
    Dr. was like other dr. very nice took two hours going over everything.
    I had blood work done ahead of time and sent to Igenex.
    My test was not black and white. I only showed one ++41 band, but considering all my other symptoms, He decided to put me on abx. for a month, see how it affects me.

    I have to go back in acouple of weeks.

    I wrote down all my symptoms, and all the supplements i take, for him, and a breif history.

    What i forgot to do was make a list of questions, I couldn't remember any, and after i left, and thought about everything he said, I had a ton of Questions to ask.

    I'll try to cover those at the next appointment!

    It was scary because of the unknown, knew road to travell in life. Wish my results would have been more defined, either diffent yes, of no.

    I'm still left hanging, well, is it, or isn't it?
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    just found this page - how did your appointment go???