Lyme doctor in aAtlanta area?

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  1. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Anyone know of a good doc anywhere in Georgia? I've been going to the FFC here but not too thrilled with them.
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I only live 60 miles east of Atlanta but, you know, when I posted at flash net for a 'good LLMD' anywhere around Atlanta or relatively close, all the replies I got told me to save my time and $$ and take my son directly to

    Many told me they'd seen different doctors in and around Atlanta including at Emory, but didn't get anywhere!

    I am glad I took all their advice, truly. The merc-free dentist did give me a name of a doctor in Sandy Springs or Dunwoody (can't remember name now) but after looking at his website I didn't have confidence... it was too "new age" for me and didn't outline what the doctor would do for treating chronic lyme etc.

    I know there's a LLMD in Mobile Alabama, it may be closer... and one in Springfield MO.

    If you ever decide to do the Marshall Protocol, I do have a name of a doctor in Atlanta tho.

    all the best,

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  3. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    What type of treatment is your son on? I really think that the FFC doctor has nearly killed my liver, and it scares me that she could prescribe so many meds at once. I was so sick I thought I'd die. I am feeling better now, but am still in awful pain. I would love to try IV antibiotics or shots. The FFC had me on ton of antivirals too, with I am not so whoppee on taking. All I want is antibiatics! I don't need all the other crap. Does Dr.Jemek have a web site? Sorry if I mispelled it, as I can't see it on this screen. I can get my husband to drive me for an appointment if I want to see him.

    Thanks a lot!
  4. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    I would encourage you to try the Marshall Protocol as Victoria mentioned. Once you take care of your inflamation by using the protocol your immune system can take care of viruses and lyme.

    I have tried popping all the high dose abx that my lyme doc suggested and I have tried taking the low dose pulsed abx of the MP.

    I feel so much better and feel I am going to recover on the MP in the future.

    Now that the MP has been around for a couple of years there are many success stories from patients with lyme, cfs, and fm posted on the MP site.

    I have read that Dr. Teitlebaum, new head of the FFC centers is allowing people to do the MP at the centers but the patient has to request it. If your doc is clueless he is suppose to contact Dr. T. But follow the protocol don't take a bunch of other junk from the FFC.

    Maybe you might want to check out Victoria's doc as he might be less expensive and more aware of the MP.

    Just something to think about do a search for the MP if you want to read up on it

    Best of health

  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    My son's doctor has double residency in internal med and infectious diseases, also has a website

    He did a lot of work with HIV/AIDS pts before getting involved in Lyme so it seems like he has always been on the forefront of treatments for 'new' diseases.

    My son has been doing oral abx, the RXs gets changed quite regularly, but always a combination of 2 plus a shorter course of Flagyl. The idea is to find the winning combination for whatever strain you might have (over 100 in US) as well as for any possible co=infections.

    My son was tested twice for Lyme plus co-infections, none show positive except Lyme, except his cognitive symptoms in particular persist; well, so does a lot of the muscle/joint pain.

    And of course the tests for coinfections are not very reliable, worse than the Western Blot. They'd suggested trying IVs after 10 months of oral abx, but after reading the Townsend Letter's report on Lyme that whether oral or IV, abx can take 18 months to penetrate the cell wall form, we decided he should continue with orals.

    Also, a difficulty for us was that, if you do IV abx, you need a doctor near your home to back you up. Impossible for us to find, so we'd have to relocate our son up to NC.

    His next app't is mid-Oct., I am going to inquire about shots... makes sense, that is how penicillin used to be given (those were the days, when it only took 1 shot!) - much more effective and not quite as scary as IVs.

    Everybody's different tho with treatments... a friend here who has CFIDS went to my son's doctor after my son turned up positive, she is also and responded to abx, but her liver enzymes were elevated after a couple of months and couldn't take anything until they dropped; nobody knew why. But not everyone seems to be able to tolerate the Marshall Protocol either.

    If you decide to go to , you can ask to make an app't directly with my son's doctor, which may take a bit longer to get, or see one of the NPs... we do both.

    As far as the Marshall Protocol, well, you know that takes avoiding light etc... I knew my son would never do it. But I have painted out my west wall of windows, cheapest way to block light... and we're trying to sell our house! LOL, luckily I don't really care when we sell it.

    Let me know if you decide to go for that option and you want that doctor's name, he's on the north side just inside I-285. Or you could ask the FFC to do it with you as Jay suggested, and then make sure you go to the Marshall Protocol site to post what you're doing to make sure you're doing it correctly.

    All the best,

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  6. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I live out in a rural area too, so I don't think IV would be a good idea for me either. I am really interested in the shots if I can convince the Dr to give them to me. I am having a phone appointment with the FFC doc next week. I want to know just how high my liver function test was. I know my abdomen was swelling huge. It's not doing that any more. I don't know the slightest thing about the Marshall protocal, so I will look it up.

    I hate it that your boy has this hateful disease. At least I am much older, life is so unfair sometimes. I am adding him to my daily prayer list.

    Thanks for your kindness Victoria!

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    keep us posted as to what the FFC doctor says...

    A co-member of our local support group takes her daughter to FFC, she's only 16, going downhill and out of school (home-schooled) since age 10; and nobody knows what to do with her.

    She demanded her daughter be treated for Lyme as she feels all FFC've been doing is treating symptoms - don't know what all they've done, but I know one thing was the hypercoagulation, the FFC felt should be worked with first... but she is just continuing to go downhill.

    The doctor did then give her daughter a RX for doxy... but from experience with my son, I'm not sure that's enough. I hope you do some reading at etc. about why different abx are used and all the strains, etc. The more you can educate yourself, the better questions you can ask, and the better decisions you can make.

    It's late, can't believe we're both on here, but I'm signing off as I'm really tired for once EARLY (well for me)...

    all the best,