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    Any input? Lyme? I dont understand these results. I just had my primary dr run this test - she dont know either

    Igenex IGM Results - positive
    CDC negative CDC negative

    31 ++
    34 IND
    39 IND
    41 +
    83-93 +

    Igenex IGG negative
    31 IND
    39 IND
    41 ++
    58 +

    Thank you =maybe the cause of my POTS!

    How do you know if your having a herx reaction from doxy - or if its a side effect from it? I took doxy for three weeks - then got extreme intercranial pressure with bp spikes and dimmed vision off balance lightheadedness- it was relieved by laying, but my bp was still high for me 128/88
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    I am not a Dr, but I do have Lyme and have had the same Igenex western blot done as you.

    In the paper in the following link, which was written by a Lyme literate MD, you will see a sentence on page 7,close to the bottom, that starts with "western blots".

    You will notice that he says that bands 31, 34, 39, 83 and 93 are species specific ones....that means Lyme specific. There are other species specific ones he mentions also, but I only mentioned those because you have positive and IND results on those bands.

    My LLMD told me that an IND (Indeterminate) reading was like a might be a light fingerprint, but it's still the same fingerprint...if you know what I mean. In other words, he told me that IND is a significant finding also.

    You have very significant findings on your western blot. People with chronic lyme often show positive bands on the IgM (active or recent infection) because the infection is still active, even though they may have been infected years ago.

    You should read the entire paper in the link above. They are the basic guidelines that lyme literate MD's follow in treating patients.

    99% of Dr's do not understand Lyme and especially chronic lyme....just like your Dr.

    I would give her the link or a copy of the paper (it's 30+ pages).

    My best advice is for you to find a good Lyme literate MD asap.

    It is likely that you may have to travel to find one. LLMD's treat long-term following ILADS guidelines, unlike other Dr's who, if they even acknowledged that you had lyme (doubtful), they would treat you for about 3-4 weeks and tell you that you are now healed because they follow the IDSA guidelines for short term treatment.

    You can find a Lyme literate MD by going to on flash discussion...sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" on "Post New Topic" and create a post asking for LLMD's in your state.

    Then go to their Medical Questions board and read posts and post your questions there's a board for lyme and other tick-borne diseases. It is a very acitve board with a lot of experienced people.

    It's hard to say about the could have been a herx. I would ask a LLMD.

    The only side effects I had from doxy are nausea and sun sensitivity, which are common.

    Also read this info:
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