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    I first saw LLMD the end of December. He ordered the Lyme MultiPlex Test plus a lot of other tests. In the Multi Plex Test I have to take Zithromax, Flagyl and Doxycycline all together for 5 days. I haven't had the nerve to do this one test.

    I react so badly to drugs that I just can't put the pills in my mouth. Just yesterday I started taking some GUNA Homeopathic remedies he recommended and you can't imagine HOW SICK I have been. Started with an Ocular Migraine, then continued all day with odd headache. Head felt buzzing, WEIRD, aggitated, nausea, HYPERsensitive to things. I LITERALLY couldn't stand my bra and took it off while in the car. That's a first. Was awake all night, heart pounding, short of breath, felt toxic, poisoned, dizzy, buzzing, couldn't sleep until after 5 a.m. Slept for 2 1/2 hours,stllnot right today but some better.

    A month ago I took Tramadol for sever Tendonitis. Made me SO SICK.. Never again.

    One thing my tests showed was a Genetic Folate problem. They haven't sent me my test results yet so can't tell you what the test name was.

    So I think you see why I am hesitant to take the 3 drug combo.

    Anybody have similar experiences or advice?