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    I need help finding a LLMD near dallas texas. Was tested 2.5 weeks ago IgM positive for bands 41 and 23 but Igm neg. via WB test I have been sick for about 10 yrs but because my IgM in the only positive result reg md thinks its a recent infection i disagree, i feel like i have been sick for a long time with this. spent 34 yrs of my life in western washington where ticks and deer are everywhere and live with a friend who had a pet deer for 6 months that lived inside and out not to mention have done alot of camping and outdoor activities. I now live in dallas texas did a bit of camping last summer here but not near woods or underbrush just local open campgrounds. texas summer here was way to hot to have had deer ticks last yr they would have died due to lack of moisture. I also would like to include i also have a 14000 white blood count at the time of the test and dr did all test for autoimmune and antinulear antibodies all came out normal. I do no for a fact that i have had the MMR vacination 7 times because everytime they test for antibodies for it it comes out neg so did my Hepatitis b vac which i had 2, 3 set series done that showed no antibodies so its seems to be apparent that my body does not convert to IgG antibodies i believe. I am tired of being diagnosed with FMS and seem to only being getting worse in the last yr i have developed vertigo extreme foot pain. and joint pain in fingers and feet along with perphial neruopathay now and intolerence to heat real bad. and ears plugging up like im climbing elevations when im not this all happens on and off constantly different pain and exaustion everyday. my dr is treating me with dococycolon for 30 days 100mg twice a day and the only thing that feels abit better is the extreme heated feet which is now been replaced with cold feet. at the end of 30 days will retest blood. curious has anyone else had a high white bllod count along with a positive IgM with lyme. desperate to find a llmd please help I need and want my life bak im 45 and feel like im 70.
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    I'm sorry that you have suffered so long and so much. Your story is all too common.

    Most people with lyme have more postive IgM bands because the infection is active, not that you were infected recently.

    To find a LLMD do this:

    go to on flash discussion.......sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" on "Post New Topic" and create a post with the title "Need a LLMD in Texas or nearby" can elaborate in the body of the post.

    Someone will send you a private message with info.

    Then go to the Medical Questions board on lymenet and read posts and post your own medical questions about lyme. There is also a General Support board for non medical support, an Activism board, etc.

    There are many,many helpful people there to support you.

    Our lyme board is not very active, but feel free to post here too!

    Doxycycline 100 mg twice daily is a low dose (1/2 of what a LLMD would prescribe). Testing you after 30 days is useless. It's obvious that this Dr is following IDSA guidelines, not ILADS guidelines.

    It will take much longer than a month to get better...think in terms of at least a couple years if you have been sick for 10 years. People usually feel worse before they feel better due to die off of bacteria causing a herx.

    You also need evaluated for common coinfections. Most people do not just have lyme.

    You definitely need a LLMD who follows ILADS guidelines who can offer long term treatment. There are not as many LLMD's in the Southwest, so you may have to travel a little.

    Please be sure to read this info:

    The following is the "Bible" of Lyme treatment following ILADS guidelines:

    Also important info:

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    If you can locate on U Tube an article by Tom Grier, and listen to all three sections I believe it will help you find your answers. He was on Coast to Coast back in December 2011. It is by chance we heard this information, my husband who suffers from Lymes' was relieved to know he was not the only one who was many years down the road with the infection that does not go away.
    We are in the process of working with our family doctor to bring him up to speed or find a specialist who is willing to listen to his patients on this terrible infection. My husband was bitten in 1987, and we are now in the 4th or 5th flare up of this disease.
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    that you pursue alternative healthcare, if you can possibly afford it. Antibiotics are not the cure-all for Chronic Lyme Disease, as there are many relapses, and can actually make our condition worse in the long-run. This is explained in the book Beating Lyme Disease available on Dr. J's website and articles there.

    It's not simply about killing bugs, but the goal should be getting your whole system balanced-- body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Then your body will fight properly. Have you heard that DISEASE = dis-ease? STRESS! So we have to reduce stressors on all levels...

    The sympathetic nerveous system becomes dominant so that must be tamed down so your other organ systems can heal.

    Wear diode and keep diodes on computers and cell phones to protect yourself from EMF exposure. We also had our home dowsed. This is necessary for your immune system to heal. And check your home for mold exposure.

    See? There are so many things to consider when healing from chronic disease. And I strongly recommend "energy medicine" and some of the "energy psychology" .... You've got to get trauma, grief, etc RELEASED from your system so your body can heal... Find professionals who use techniques like EFT, NLP, Colorpuncture, Pranic healing, etc.
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    I know yours was posted a while back, but I just joined here and would like to say that- if I could travel, I would be up near Seattle, WA seeing Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt-a German MD who is expert in treating not only Lyme but all types illnesses, naturally. If you aren't familiar with him, you can find him on or perhaps contact his office to find a Good practitioner nearer you? Best of all to you, Cathryn