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    Got a copy of my lyme test but don't understand the results.. Need help, don't see the doctor for a couple of weeks.

    Lyme Disease 18 KD IgG Nonreactive
    23 KD IGG Nonreactive
    28 KD IgG Nonreactive
    30 KD IgG Non reactive
    39 KD IgG Nonreactive
    41 KD IgG Abnormal, reactive
    45, 58, 66, 93 IgG all Nonreactive...

    Lyme Disease 23 KD IgM Abnormal, Reactive

    39, 41 KD IgM Nonreactive.

    Not sure what all this means any help would be appreciated ...

    Thank you,
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    You should also post these on LymeNet.

    41 kD IgG is the most common positive band in Lyme disease. But it can cross react if you have periodontal disease or syphillis.

    I'm not sure about the 23 kD band, as far as how specific it is, but positive IgM bands signify current infection. Most people with chronic Lyme actually show more IgM bands than IgG bands, because of renewly replicating bacteria.

    Is this by CDC standards, or IGeneX? I couldn't get anything but band 41 to show up on the regular CDC Western Blot, but with IGeneX I showed four or five bands, including one very specific Lyme band.

    Take care

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    The test was a CDC Western Blot.. Now that I have something to show maybe I can get them to help me with the IGenex.. I have the Igenex kit ...I didn't understand any of this.

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    Thanks for posting your results.

    I can see from the 10 IgG bands and only 3 IgM bands tested for, that this is not an Igenex WB, but one from a regular lab.

    This means that not all bands were tested for, leaving out some very lyme specific bands.

    With that said, your regular Dr will likely interpret it this way....

    He will say that you do not have lyme because your test was CDC other words, not enough bands showed reactive, to meet the CDC criteria...which is actually only meant as surveillance criteria, not diagnostic go figure.

    Because 99% of Dr's look only at whether or not the test is CDC neg or postive, they miss many cases of lyme. Lyme testing is very inaccurate, especially through regular labs who do not even test for all bands.

    Again...with that said....even with this not being an Igenex test, you had 2 bands show up reactive....41 and 23. (Only band 41 showed up for me from a regular lab, but many more from Igenex)

    This is significant.

    Dr Burrascano, a lyme expert, wrote this paper that is considered the Bible of lyme treatment...

    On page 7, he writes about Western blots....

    "Western blots are reported by showing which bands are reactive. 41 KD bands appear the earliest but can cross react with other spirochetes.

    The 18 KD, 23-25 KD (Outer surface protein C), 31 KD (Outer surface protein A), 34 KD (Outer surface protein B), 37 KD, 39 KD, 83 KD, and the 93 KD bands are the species-specific ones, but appear later or may not appear at all.

    You should see at least the 41 KD and one of the species specific bands.

    55KD, 60 KD, 66 KD, and 73 KD are nonspecific and nondiagnostic."

    According to Dr Burrascano's western blot information, you have significant results because you have the 41 KD and a species specific band, 23 KD.

    Add in your medical history and many, many symptoms and that points to lyme...and probably coinfections too.

    You should be fully prepared to hear your Dr tell you that you do not have lyme because he is likely not educated on how to diagnose lyme clinically and how to recognize lyme specific bands.

    Only LLMD's or LLND's are usually educated on how to do this.

    So once he disappoints you by telling you that you can forget about lyme (and forget about getting better), you need to do everything and anything to see a LLMD asap.

    Dr C in MO also publishes information about Borrelosis testing (lyme). He has treated many patients also.

    This would be helpful for you to read:

    An excerpt from that page:

    "Each part of the Lyme bacteria weighs a certain amount. For example, the tail of the Lyme bacteria weighs 41 kilodaltons (kDa). Think of kilodaltons like pounds, ounces or kilograms. The numbers on a Western blot such as 23, 31, 34 or 39 refer to how much that particular part of the bacteria weighs in kilodaltons. The significant antibodies, in my opinion, are the 18, 23-25, 28, 30, 31, 34, 39, 58, 66 and 93."

    Dr C adds a few bands to the list which he considers significant....28, 30, 58, 66.

    Chances are that an Igenex WB would show even more bands, since they test for 10 IgG and 10 IgM bands, not just 3.

    They also include more than one species of Borrelia in their testing methods.

    If I were you, I would feel fortunate that you had bands 41 and 23 show up, which is giving you this HUGE have been exposed to Borrelia.

    You see that band 23 that is reactive for you is IgM...this means active infection.

    Regular Dr's are confused by that because your illness is not new or recent. Borrelia bacteria replicate frequently and the infection is very active...this is why IgM bands show up even when you have been sick for years.

    Take a look at the symptom list on pages 9-11 of Dr Burrascano's paper above. If you have many symptoms, then it is imperative that you see a LLMD.

    Please take this opportunity that you have been given by the grace of God and see a LLMD asap.

    You also need evaluated for coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, etc that add to the severity of the illness and are very common.

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    Thanks, I have a call into my doctor now and going to insist on the Igenex.. I have the kit or whatever they send .. I may have to pay out of pocket but thats ok.. I am hoping he will work with me if not will keep trying. My B12 was low, and I had a bad sinus infection at the time these labs were done. I have been on an antibiotic and am feeling so much better. Also suppose to start the B12 injections.. Haven't started my injections yet but have been taking the subq. so not sure if its the b12 or the antibiotics.. as to why I am feeling some improvement especially with sleep and my emotions. SO hoping it will last.

    I so appreciate all your help.. I am printing out your post and taking it with me..

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    You're welcome.

    If you want to get just the Igenex WB IgG and IgM, it should be test #188 and #189 on the Dr's order form.

    Mine was a total of $200 in Jan 2009, not sure if the price has gone up or not.

    They do accept medicare. Otherwise, they will send you a receipt that you can try sending in to your insurance.

    Good luck.
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