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    Its so hard to deal with these Suicidal thoughts waiting on doctors to call me back to see if i can get in how do u keep yourself calm knowing u have a raging disease in you. one place cant get me in till November. Trying to stay strong just losing hope please help please help.
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    we had to wait 3 months for my son's app't. Extremely hard on all of us... but well worth it tho it seemed like 3 years. It is so sad that so many doctors have been scared off of treating lyme pts...

    Seriously, would it help to take with a therapist at least in the meantime, if it's possible for you? There's so much stress and pressure with all these DDs, it might be a good idea to help vent.

    And of course there's always here. It's quiet on the weekends, especially, here... but getting more active.

    Please take care.

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    just a heads up - it's against the rules here to put one's email address... It's unfortunately also not considered a good idea to put LLMDs doctors' names on public forums due to the persecution/prosecution almost all have gone thru or will go thru.

    Also not sure where you live, so if you're on the west coast, it wouldn't make sense to go to the east coast, for instance.

    a better place to go to find one closest to you, etc., is:
    about the 3rd heading down is a 'forum' for finding LLMDs - that's how I found my son's doc. You'll get private emails there giving pros and cons about those nearest to you, etc.

    Hope that helps... just trying to follow the rules here and protect everyone!

    Take care,