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    Can anyone tell me what "P66 present" means on my lyme test results? Everything else showed "absent".
    It says that's abnormal and high
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    If you have not already, you might want to post this on the Lyme board.

    However the Lyme posts still end up over here in disguise.

    The tests are subject to interpretation.

    I would see an infectious disease doctor. If you go to an LLMD and are not CDC positive they often still diagnose you with Lyme.

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    The Lyme community calls most IDSA docs -- Idiot Doctors of America -- because they won't acknowledge chronic LD. That is why the CT Attorney General handed down an indictment for the authors of the LD treatment guidelines.

    Everyone knows chronic syphilis exists. You can relapse at any time after treatment due to stress or any number of factors. Syphilis is caused by a less complicated spirochete than the Lyme spirochete.

    The bar to test CDC positive is set so high that almost no one is positive. You have to have a giant swollen joint to have enough antibodies to be positive. A giant imflammed joint is stage 3 LD.

    <<< So in order to test positive for EARLY lyme you must have LATE Lyme. >>>

    Say this was cancer, would you expect to have stage 4 disease before stage 1? But that is what the IDSA docs have done to us. Mainly because we are now so sick that we're a bunch of cash cows feeding doctors, labs, hospitals, and useless psychiatrists, etc. There is absolutely NOTHING scientific about psychiatry.

    80% of those who had a prior diagnosis of CFS and FM test positive for Lyme. All one has to do to verify this is go search on Lymenet. Ask people. They will tell you the same thing.

    Go check the Greator Hartford CT Lyme Support and Action group's website. They're is a video from their last conference with some numbers on who had prior a prior diagnosis of CFS/FM.

    Dr Dietrich Klinghardt states in the movie "Under our Skin" that he has not had a single case of Parkinsons, ALS or MS that did not come back positive for Lyme. If he were to publish his numbers on people who had prior diagnosis of CFS or FM they'd probably be similiar numbers as the Tampa Bay FL group who posted this on their website.

    Lyme causes an immunesupression similiar to AIDS where all latent infections are reactivated. This means we have viral, bacterial and fungal infections. That's what the high IgG Antibodies are all about. We all have them!

    This is because the Outer Surface Protein or OspA (Band 31) is a lipopeptide Pam3Cys. Those who were vaccinated with the now defunct Lyme vaccines got all of the immune suppression outcomes but without the spirochetes. In fact, the AIDS vaccine failed because they used a molecule that looked just like OspA.

    After the Dearborn Conference in 1994, they changed the test criteria for a positive from serial Western Blots over time to look for changing antibodies to the faulty Elisa test followed by a Western Blot. The Elisa test misses 85% of Lyme cases. Therefore almost no one gets a diagnosis.

    P66 is the outer membrane protein of the borrelia species. You may want to read PJ Langhoff's newest book "The Baker's Dozen & the Lunatic Fringe: Has Junk Science Shifted the Lyme Disease Paradigm" for more info.

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    Was this test done through LabCorp?

    If it was not done through Igenex, you really cannot tell much from it.

    Labs other than Igenex do not test for all bands. They only test for 3 IgM bands and 10 IgG bands.

    Igenex tests for all 14 IgM and 14 IgG bands, which is absolutely necessary. There are some very lyme specific bands that the other labs are leaving out.

    Plus, Igenex included many species of Borrelia bacteria when they developed their testing methods.

    Other labs only included a few species. There are 100 species in the US alone. If you are making antibodies to a species not included in the testing methods, it will not show up.

    The very best advice I can give you is this:

    1. Get an Igenex western blot IgG and IgM, test #188 and cost $200. You will get a receipt that you can submit to your insurance. They do accept Medicare.

    2. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis. It is NEVER ruled out by just a lab test. It is based on your history and symptoms and can be supported by labwork.

    There are actually many people with lyme who never tested positive. Not only is testing not foolproof, but sometimes our immune systems are so beaten down that you no longer are making antibodies to the bacteria.

    My western blot through LabCorp showed only band 41. One month later my Igenex western blot showed many bands present...and several species specific bands that definitely indicated lyme.

    99% of Dr's rely on these other labs to rule out lyme and that is definitely wrong. It really means that 99% of Dr's are not at all educated about lyme.

    I'd be glad to help you further if I can. Feel free to post on the lyme board.

    Please read this info by the best lyme experts:

    Good luck!

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    I did make an appointment with an infectious disease doctor to get another opinion about it. They can't get me in until May 14, unless they have a cancellation, which I hope they do. I've just got to get to the bottom of this, since that was the only thing present. Yes, it was done by Labcorp, and not Igenex. I couldn't afford the Igenenx test right now, even though I should have done it that way. Can't put a price on health, can we? Anyway, I've just got to find something out, want to be sure Fibromyalgia isn't the only diagnosis I have. It will be a long wait till May 14, but I'll just have to put it at the back of my mind so it doesn't drive me crazy. I wonder if there's anyone that was diagnosed with something else, then found out it was really Lyme, got treated, and got better???? Meaning, the FM symptoms/problems went away? The only thing I've read about Lyme is that it can go into remission, and then pop back up again. Everything is just so crazy to me with these conditions. Anyway, thanks for your help, now I kind of understand what the P66 is. I tried reading about it, but my brain couldn't comprehend all of it. Am I right to understand that it is the bacteria, whatever you want to call it, that is known to cause Lyme?
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    I can assure you that there are hundreds, probably thousands of people who were first given a diagnosis of FMS, CFS, MS, Parkinsons, RA, Lupus, ALS, Alzheimers, autism, ADHD and other illnesses who later found out that their symptoms were caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and associated coinfections.

    They were properly treated with long term combination antibiotic therapy and they got better!

    Some, but not many are still here. There is a post on the lyme board with a running count of people whom this has happened to. is a fantastic site where you can find hundreds of people on the message boards whom this very thing has happened to.

    Remember that every one of those diagnoses listed above, especially FMS and CFS, are just sets of symptoms given a name. We are then told that the cause is unknown.

    In turn, Dr's do not usually bother to look for the cause either......but everything has a cause.

    It often turns out that people have a Borrelia induced fibromyalgia syndrome or a Borrelia induced chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Because the Borrelia bacteria spreads through the central nervous system, it causes a wide array of neuro symptoms.

    The 3 most common symptoms are pain syndromes, fatigue and sleep disorders.

    Check out the symptom checklist in the back of this booklet:

    Do not expect much from the ID Dr. They follow the IDSA guidelines which only believe in short term antibiotic Rx and then declare you cured even when all your symptoms are still present.

    The people who have recovered have been treated by ILADS trained Lyme Literate MD's.

    That is exactly what I am doing right now...I'm 8 weeks into treatment. It easily takes months, sometimes a couple years to recover from this horrible bacterial illness that hides deep within all the bodies tissues and organs.

    Keep in touch...I'm on the lyme board.