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  1. I am going to a new dr soon. How do you bring up lyme testing and when you say the lab you heard is the best, don't drs get irritated at PATIENTS telling them which lab to send it?
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    I would call Igenex and get the test kit and requisition form and complete the whole form before seeing your doc, this way all he has to do is sign.

    I told mine that it's not likely I have lyme but I just wanted to rule it out - statement was not true but seemed to make him feel ok.

    You have probably done research but if not I am sure Nannie46 will come by and suggest what tests to order or you can message her.

    Good luck to you, let us know how you make out.

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    Yes, Dr's do get irritated, but too bad.

    You could fill out the symptom list on p 9-11 of Dr B's paper below, and take it with you......

    Tell him you have 30 (or whatever # you have) lyme symptoms, so you want to get this test through the best specialty lab dealing in tick borne infections.

    Maps' suggestion is very good.

    Get the test kit by calling Igenex.

    Take the order form to your DR and tell him you want test #188 and #189...western blot IgG and IgM.

    Tell him YOU are paying for it and this is what you want.

    Educate yourself first before you about Igenex.

    Tell him that Igenex is the only lab that tests for 14 IgG bands and 14 IgM bands.

    Other labs only test for 10 IgG bands and 3 IgM bands!!!

    Other labs leave out bands that are specific to lyme....which makes their testing incomplete.

    Igenex also uses 2 strains of Borrelia when developing their testing methods, instead of just one strain, like other labs.

    Please remember that lyme is NEVER ruled out with just a negative test.

    Your Dr will not know that. Tell him what ever you think you need to tell him to get him to sign the order.

    Make sure you get a copy of the results right away and post them.

    Have you read pg 7 of Dr B's paper....the part about diagnosing later disease and western blots?................

    Also, here is Dr C's western blot info.....

    Some info about igenex and their western blots:

    Good luck!