Lyme treatment out of state & ABX + Yeast Meds

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    We decided to make the trip to Springfield, MO from central IL. It was expensive but we are not sorry! After my office visit, both my husband and I felt that I was finally going to get to the bottom of the fibro, fatigue, pain, loss of of my libido and misery.

    The reason we went out of state was because there is only one other "good" Lyme doctor on the good doctor lists. We saw that doctor first but quickly realized he treats according to infectious disease specialist guidelines.

    In other words he told me I was suffering from "post-Lyme Disease" syndrome. I was never able to get an official diagnosis of Lyme Disease until yesterday. Supposedly, my immune system has already cleared the Bb infection even though I have never been treated for Bb or co-infections. What I have now is an autoimmune disease because my body is still attacking the infection. What a crock of doo-doo!
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    Glad you insisted on going to someone who knows what he's doing! We had to take our son out of state too... heck, I'd go all the way to New England or the Bahamas or wherever it took... no doctor here, even before the IDSA 'guidelines', wanted to deal with it anyway.

    I hope you'll be feeling better fast!

    All the best,
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    Thanks for the speedy recovery wishes, Victoria. There appears to be some controversy over taking ABX + Nystatin + Diflucan. I was hoping to gather the thoughts of others before I waste my time losing sleep over this.

    The FFC prescribes the combination with Liv.52 or LiverCare by Himalaya all of the time. The first doctor I saw (follows IDSA guidelines) from the Lyme Good Doctor Lists said taking both drugs is a good way to kill my liver.

    He also told me to quit taking hormones. HA HA! Funny one.
    In spite of taking "adequate doses" I want more hormones since what I'm doing isn't working. He's not the one laying awake with hot flashes and night sweats. Maybe it's not my hormones but a co-infection.

    On Sunday, I'm going to do a 24 hour urine test for 21 hormone results (including growth hormone). After collecting my pee I'll ship it off to NC on Monday. Won't we do just about anything to get better?

    Dr. Edelberg (Co-Cure Good Doctor list -- this board) of Whole Health Chicago said the same thing about liver enzymes on ABX + antifungals.

    Dr C said it was not a problem in over 700 Bb patients. Yesterday, I was given two RX's: one for Diflucan and the other for the following:

    Nystatin, Zithromax, Ceftin, Flagyl, Clindamycin, Qualaquin, Biaxin XL, and Plaquenil

    I am supposed to get the Nystatin and Diflucan filled immediately and stay on them as long as I'm on ABX. Then I go as far as I can on each ABX before moving on to the next one. In other words when I plateau or stop seeing improvements I should move on to the next drug on the list.

    I just checked a drug interaction database and got these results for the following 3 drug(s):

    fluconazole (Diflucan)

    Interactions between your selected drugs
    No results found - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. ALWAYS consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts? Why the difference of opinions?
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    I don't know about the interaction with diflucan and nystatin plus abx and what can happen with the liver. You could check with a couple of pharmacists as well.

    I will tell you some different ways my son has taken the abx however, just for contrast's sake... he has never taken just one abx actually, it's always been 2 plus flagyl as the latter is what attacks the cyst form of Lyme.

    He has been told to pulse the meds in various ways tho. By pulsing, I mean he has taken it several different ways:

    The very first month he was taking it 5 days/week for 3 weeks straight, with every weekend and the 4th week 'off'. As things progressed, or didn't, or regressed, different abx have been tried in various combinations, as well as different 'pulses', including not taking anything for a few weeks to let his immune system calm down. The herxing has become unbearable at times for him.

    So some months he has only taken abx M-W-F 2-3 weeks per month, with with the last 1-2 weeks off, depending on how he felt. Flagyl however has always been taken the last 2 days of each week he does take abx, tho (th & F), as it is what attacks the cyst form.

    I have heard diflucan may be of help in attacking lyme besides being anti-yeast, altho my son's doctor has never rx'd it unless he did get a yeast infection. We do get him to take a lot of probiotics however especially during the days/weeks off the abx. So far, so good, it seems.

    The other thing to be aware of is the probability that there are other infections such as ehrlichiosis, babesia, and bartonella. The babesia would be knocked out by mepron (used for malaria) as it is not a bacteria.

    There doesn't seem to be a "one-size-fits-all" protocol overall because of these other infections and the variability of the Lyme/Bb spirochete, unfortunately... so it does pay to keep educating one's self about all the possibilities.

    all the best,